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The mission of the Journal of Applied Biomechanics (JAB) is to disseminate the highest quality peer-reviewed studies that utilize biomechanical strategies to advance the fields of sport, rehabilitation, injury prevention, and posture and movement. These areas of interest to JAB authors, editors, and readers are not limited to applications in humans but also include the structure, control, function, and state (health and disease) of animals and biological systems.

The journal publishes original research manuscripts, invited review papers, and target articles on current issues in biomechanical modeling, clinical biomechanics, gait and posture, musculoskeletal biomechanics, neuromuscular biomechanics, and sport biomechanics. The journal also publishes technical notes, book reviews, and editorials.

The Journal of Applied Biomechanics, formerly known as the International Journal of Sport Biomechanics, has been continuously published since 1985.