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Development and Implementation of the AWH Program


Development and Evaluation of "Aging Well and Healthily": A Health-Education and Exercise Program for Community-Living Older Adults

Marijke Hopman-Rock, Marja H. Westhoff


Dissemination and Implementation of "Aging Well and Healthily": A Health-Education and Exercise Program for Older Adults

Marja H. Westhoff, Marijke Hopman-Rock

Original Research


Physical Activity and Cardiovascular Health in Aging Women: A Health-Promotion Perspective

Jo-Ann V. Sawatzky, Barbara J. Naimark


Discriminating Characteristics of Community-Dwelling Elderly at High and Low Risk for Frailty

Laura S. Ho, Harriet G. Williams, Emily A.W. Hardwick


Influence of Age on Immune Changes in Runners After a Marathon

Edward E. Pistilli, David C. Nieman, Dru A. Henson, David E. Kaminsky, Alan C. Utter, Debra M. Vinci, J. Mark Davis, Omar R. Fagoaga, Sandra L. Nehlsen-Cannarella


Effects of a 6-Week Resistance-Training Program on Functional Fitness of Older Adults

Vinicius Cavani, Constance M. Mier, Anthony A. Musto, Nanette Tummers


Extending the Range of Functional Assessment in Older Adults: Development of the Late-Life Function and Disability Instrument

Stephen M. Haley, Larry H. Ludlow, Jill T. Kooyoomjian


Predicting the Probability of Falls in Community-Residing Older Adults Using the 8-Foot Up-and-Go: A New Measure of Functional Mobility

Debra J. Rose, C. Jessie Jones, Nicole Lucchese


PNF Training and Physical Function in Assisted-Living Older Adults

Diane Austrin Klein, William J. Stone, Wayne T. Phillips, Jaime Gangi, Sarah Hartman


Measuring Lower Extremity Strength in Older Adults: The Stability of Isokinetic Versus 1RM Measures

George J. Salem, Man-Ying Wang, Susan Sigward

JAPA Digest


JAPA Digest



Passing the Baton -- Farewell and Thank You

Wojtek J. Chodzko-Zajko