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Original Research


Future-Oriented Self-Perceptions and Exercise Behavior in Middle-Aged Women

Diane E. Whaley


Responses of Heart Rate and Vagus Tone to Treadmill Walking on Land and in Water in Healthy Older Adults

Tatsuhisa Takahashi, Akiyoshi Okada, Jun-ichiro Hayano,


Balance Self-Efficacy Predicts Risk Factors for Side Falls and Frequent Falls in Community-Dwelling Elderly

Katherine B. Gunter, Jennifer De Costa, Karen N. White, Karen Hooker, Wilson C. Hayes, Christine M. Snow


Gait Abnormalities in Elderly Fallers

Bernard Auvinet, Gilles Berrut, Claude Touzard, Laurent Moutel, Nadine Collet, Denis Chaleil, Eric Barrey


Socioepidemiologic and Health-Related Correlates of Walking for Exercise Among the Elderly: Results from the Longitudinal Study of Aging

Robert H. Friis, Wendy L. Nomura, Christine X. Ma, James H. Swan


Screening for Falls in Community-Dwelling Elderly

Mary A. Murphy, Sharon L. Olson, Elizabeth J. Protas, Averell R. Overby


Leisure-Time Activity Among Older U.S. Women in Relation to Hormone-Replacement-Therapy Initiation

Ross E. Andersen, Carlos J. Crespo, Shawn C. Franckowiak, Jeremy D. Walston


Physician Advice to the Elderly About Physical Activity

Alseny Balde, Jaime Figueras, Dawn A. Hawkins, John R. Miller


The Effects of Progressive Resistance Training on Obstructed-Gait Tasks in Community-Living Older Adults

Ecosse L. Lamoureux, Aron Murphy, Anthony Sparrow, Robert U. Newton


Physical-Fitness Declines in Older Japanese Adults

Shinichi Demura, Masaki Minami, Yoshinori Nagasawa, Nobuhiko Tada, Jinzaburo Matsuzawa, Susumu Sato


Characteristics, Enrollment, Attendance, and Dropout Patterns of Older Adults in Beginner Tai-Chi and Line-Dancing Programs

Trisha S. Gavin, Anita M. Myers