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Original Research


Initial Validation of the CSA Activity Monitor During Rehabilitative Exercise Among Older Adults With Chronic Disease

Brian C. Focht, Wendy M. Sanders, Peter H. Brubaker, W. Jack Rejeski


A Study of Perceived Constraints on a Community-Based Physical Activity Program for the Elderly in Greece

Konstantinos Alexandris, Vassilis Barkoukis, Haralambos Tsorbatzoudis, George Grouios


Components of Response Time as a Function of Age, Physical Activity, and Aerobic Fitness

Jennifer L. Etnier, Benjamin A. Sibley, Jeremy Pomeroy, James C. Kao


Characteristics Associated With 10-km Running Performance Among a Group of Highly Trained Male Endurance Runners Age 21–63 Years

Stephen R. Bird, Simon C. Theakston, Andrew Owen, Alan M. Nevill


From Supervised to Unsupervised Exercise: Factors Associated With Exercise Adherence

Patricia M. Dubbert, Martha E. Doyle, Helga MacAller, Gail M. Crowley, Maggie Kuchibhatla, Margaret Schenkman, Ronnie D. Horner


No "Old Fool": 88 Years Old and Still Running

Emily A. Roper, Douglas J. Molnar, Craig A. Wrisberg


Social Predictors of Physical Activity in Later Life: The Contribution of Social-Network Type

Howard Litwin

Professional Applications


Outcome Evaluation of the Canadian Centre for Activity and Aging's Home Support Exercise Program for Frail Older Adults

C. Shanthi Jacob Johnson, Anita M. Myers, Lynn M. Scholey, Elizabeth V. Cyarto, Nancy A. Ecclestone




C. Jessie Jones, Debra J. Rose

National Blueprint Consensus Statement


Strategic Priorities for Increasing Physical Activity Among Adults Age 50 and Older: The National Blueprint Consensus Conference Summary Report

Lisa Sheppard, Jane Senior, Chae Hee Park, Robin Mockenhaupt, Wojtek J. Chodzko-Zajko