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Original Research


Physical Activity Measurement in Older Adults: Relationships With Mental Health

Sarah J. Parker, Scott J. Strath, Ann M. Swartz


A Comparison of the Effects of Different Water Exercise Programs on Balance Ability in Elderly People

Koichi Kaneda, Daisuke Sato, Hitoshi Wakabayashi, Atsuko Hanai, Takeo Nomura


Effect of Power-Training Intensity on the Contribution of Force and Velocity to Peak Power in Older Adults

Nathan J. de Vos, Nalin A. Singh, Dale A. Ross, Theodora M. Stavrinos, Rhonda Orr, Maria A. Fiatarone Singh


Maximal Fitness Testing in Sedentary Elderly at Substantial Risk of Disability: LIFE-P Study Experience

Timothy S. Church, Thomas M. Gill, Anne B. Newman, Steven N. Blair, Conrad P. Earnest, Marco Pahor


Effect of a Community-Based Argentine Tango Dance Program on Functional Balance and Confidence in Older Adults

Patricia McKinley, Allison Jacobson, Alain Leroux, Victoria Bednarczyk, Michel Rossignol, Joyce Fung


Health, Medical Risk Factors, and Bicycle Use in Everyday Life in the Over-50 Population

Christina Huy, Simone Becker, Uwe Gomolinsky, Thomas Klein, Ansgar Thiel


Love Hurts: The Influence of Social Relations on Exercise Self-Efficacy for Older Adults With Osteoarthritis

Kelly A. Cotter, Aurora M. Sherman


Association Between Muscle Mass and Isometric Muscle Strength in Well-Functioning Older Men and Women

Serge Beliaeff, Danielle R. Bouchard, Christophe Hautier, Martin Brochu, Isabelle J. Dionne

Original Research


Use of Accelerometry to Measure Physical Activity in Older Adults at Risk for Mobility Disability

2008, 16, 416 – 434
Leslie A. Pruitt, Nancy W. Glynn, Abby C. King, Jack M. Guralnik, Erin K. Aiken, William L. Haskell,