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JAPA Volume 22, Issue 3, July


An Argument for a Developmental Approach in Studying Older Adults’ Physical Activity

An Argument for a Developmental Approach in Studying Older Adults’ Physical Activity

2014, 22, 301
Diane E. Whaley

Original Research


Single Versus Combined Cognitive and Physical Activity Effects on Fluid Cognitive Abilities of Healthy Older Adults: A 4-Month Randomized Controlled Trial With Follow-Up

2014, 22, 302 – 313
Katja Linde, Dorothee Alfermann


Physical Activity, Age, and Arthritis: Exploring the Relationships of Major Risk Factors on Biopsychosocial Symptomology and Disease Status

2014, 22, 314 – 323
Rachael C. Stone, Joseph Baker


Transfer Effects of Fall Training on Balance Performance and Spatiotemporal Gait Parameters in Healthy Community-Dwelling Older Adults: A Pilot Study

2014, 22, 324 – 333
Lars Donath, Oliver Faude, Stephanie A. Bridenbaugh, Ralf Roth, Martin Soltermann, Reto W. Kressig, Lukas Zahner


GT3X+ Accelerometer, Yamax Pedometer, and SC-StepMX Pedometer Step Count Accuracy in Community-Dwelling Older Adults

2014, 22, 334 – 341
Sandra C. Webber, Sheila M. Magill, Jenessa L. Schafer, Kaylie C.S. Wilson


Positive Long-Term Effects of Pilates Exercise on the Aged-Related Decline in Balance and Strength in Older, Community-Dwelling Men and Women

2014, 22, 342 – 347
Marie-Louise Bird, James Fell


Validation of the Human Activity Profile Questionnaire as a Measure of Physical Activity Levels in Older Community-Dwelling Women

2014, 22, 348 – 356
Alessandra de Carvalho Bastone, Bruno de Souza Moreira, Renata Alvarenga Vieira, Renata Noce Kirkwood, João Marcos Domingues Dias, Rosângela Corrêa Dias


Functional Balance in Older Adults With Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

2014, 22, 357 – 363
Cristina Jácome, Joana Cruz, Raquel Gabriel, Daniela Figueiredo, Alda Marques


Community-Based Exergaming Program Increases Physical Activity and Perceived Wellness in Older Adults

2014, 22, 364 – 371
Kara A. Strand, Sarah L. Francis, Jennifer A. Margrett, Warren D. Franke, Marc J. Peterson


Community Fall Prevention Programs: Comparing Three InSTEP Models by Level of Intensity

2014, 22, 372 – 379
B. Josea Kramer, Beth Creekmur, Michael N. Mitchell, Debra J. Rose, Jon Pynoos, Laurence Z. Rubenstein


Effects of Dance on Depression, Physical Function, and Disability in Underserved Adults

2014, 22, 380 – 385
Carolyn J. Murrock, Christine Heifner Graor


Older Women’s Personal Goals and Exercise Activity: An 8-Year Follow-Up

2014, 22, 386 – 392
Milla Saajanaho, Anne Viljanen, Sanna Read, Merja Rantakokko, Li-Tang Tsai, Jaakko Kaprio, Marja Jylhä, Taina Rantanen


Learning to Run From Narrative Foreclosure: One Woman's Story of Aging and Physical Activity

2014, 22, 393 – 404
Meridith Griffin, Cassandra Phoenix


Association Between Health-Related Quality of Life, Physical Fitness, and Physical Activity in Older Adults Recently Discharged From Hospital

2014, 22, 405 – 413
Therese Brovold, Dawn A. Skelton, Hilde Sylliaas, Morten Mowe, Astrid Bergland


Agreement Between Virtual and In-the-Field Environmental Audits of Assisted Living Sites

2014, 22, 414 – 420
Anna M. Chudyk, Meghan Winters, Erin Gorman, Heather A. McKay, Maureen C. Ashe


Neighborhood Environment and Physical Activity Among Older Adults: Do the Relationships Differ by Driving Status?

2014, 22, 421 – 431
Ding Ding, James F. Sallis, Gregory J. Norman, Lawrence D. Frank, Brian E. Saelens, Jacqueline Kerr, Terry L. Conway, Kelli L. Cain, Melbourne F. Hovell, C. Richard Hofstetter, Abby C. King


Accelerometer-Determined Sedentary and Physical Activity Estimates Among Older Adults With Diabetes: Considerations by Demographic and Comorbidity Characteristics

2014, 22, 432 – 440
Paul D. Loprinzi

Scholarly Reviews

Body Composition, Muscle Capacity, and Physical Function in Older Adults: An Integrated Conceptual Model

Body Composition, Muscle Capacity, and Physical Function in Older Adults: An Integrated Conceptual Model

2014, 22, 441 – 452
Anne O. Brady, Chad R. Straight, Ellen M. Evans