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JAPA Volume 22, Issue 4, October

Original Research


Effects of a One-Year Home-Based Case Management Intervention on Falls in Older People: A Randomized Controlled Trial

2014, 22, 457 – 464
Ulrika Olsson Moller, Jimmie Kristensson, Patrik Midlöv, Charlotte Ekdahl, Ulf Jakobsson


Physical Activity, Life Events Stress, Cortisol, and DHEA: Preliminary Findings That Physical Activity May Buffer Against the Negative Effects of Stress

2014, 22, 465 – 473
Jennifer L.J. Heaney, Douglas Carroll, Anna C. Phillips


Objectively Measured Sedentary Time and its Association With Physical Function in Older Adults

2014, 22, 474 – 481
Mark G. Davis, Kenneth R. Fox, Afroditi Stathi, Tanya Trayers, Janice L. Thompson, Ashley Cooper


Effects of Patterns of Walking Training on Metabolic Health of Untrained Postmenopausal Women

2014, 22, 482 – 489
Andrea Di Blasio, Pascal Izzicupo, Emanuele D’Angelo, Sandra Melanzi, Ines Bucci, Sabina Gallina, Angela Di Baldassarre,


Relationships Between Trunk Muscle Strength, Spinal Mobility, and Balance Performance in Older Adults

2014, 22, 490 – 498
Urs Granacher, Andre Lacroix, Katrin Roettger, Albert Gollhofer, Thomas Muehlbauer


Physical Activity and Sedentary Behavior Among Adults 60 Years and Older: New York City Residents Compared With a National Sample

2014, 22, 499 – 507
Kelly R. Evenson, Kimberly B. Morland, Fang Wen, Kathleen Scanlin


Relationships of Individual, Social, and Physical Environmental Factors With Older Adults’ Television Viewing Time

2014, 22, 508 – 517
Jelle Van Cauwenberg, Liesbeth De Donder, Peter Clarys, Ilse De Bourdeaudhuij, Neville Owen, Sarah Dury, Nico De Witte, Tine Buffel, Dominique Verté, Benedicte Deforche


The Braking Force in Walking: Age-related Differences and Improvement in Older Adults With Exergame Training

2014, 22, 518 – 526
Pauline Maillot, Alexandra Perrot, Alan Hartley, Manh-Cuong Do


Telephone-Based Motivational Interviewing to Promote Physical Activity and Stage of Change Progression in Older Adults

2014, 22, 527 – 535
Kaitlin R. Lilienthal, Anna Evans Pignol, Jeffrey E. Holm, Nancy Vogeltanz-Holm


Low Intensity Aerobic Exercise and Oxidative Stress Markers in Older Adults

2014, 22, 536 – 542
Mohamed A. Bouzid, Omar Hammouda, Regis Matran, Sophie Robin, Claudine Fabre


Health and Physical Function Predicting Strength and Balance Training Adoption: A Community-Based Study Among Individuals Aged 75 and Older

2014, 22, 543 – 549
Eeva Aartolahti, Sirpa Hartikainen, Eija Lönnroos, Arja Häkkinen


Comparison of Pedometer and Accelerometer Derived Steps in Older Individuals With Parkinson’s Disease or Osteoporosis Under Free-Living Conditions

2014, 22, 550 – 556
Martin Benka Wallen, Ing-Mari Dohrn, Agneta Ståhle, Erika Franzén, Maria Hagströmer


Dual-task Performance in Young and Older Adults: Speed-Accuracy Tradeoffs in Choice Responding While Treadmill Walking

2014, 22, 557 – 563
Phillip D. Tomporowski, Michel Audiffren


Association of Muscle Strength, Power, and Optimal Shortening Velocity With Functional Abilities of Women With Chronic Osteoarthritis Participating in a Multi-modal Exercise Program

2014, 22, 564 – 570
Joanna S. Kostka, Jan W. Czernicki, Joanna S. Kostka


Intensity of Physical Activity in the Energy Expenditure of Older Adults

2014, 22, 571 – 577
Lisa H. Colbert, Charles E. Matthews, Dale A. Schoeller, Thomas C. Havighurst, KyungMann Kim



Erratum: Huiszoon et al. (2014)

2014, 22