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Original Research Predicting Student Athlete Career Situation Awareness From College Experiences

This study examined relationships between student athlete experiences and career situation awareness. Participants completed the Student-Athlete Experiences Inven­tory (SAEI) and Student-Athlete Career Situation Inventory (SACSI). Separate exploratory factor analyses were conducted for men and women to clarify factors on the inventories, and structural models were developed for each gender. For males, results showed that (a) involvement in campus activities leads to lack of interest in career situation, (b) social involvement leads to stronger perception of career situa­tion, and (c) library use has little effect on career situation. For females, results revealed that (a) involvement in campus activities leads to career confidence, (b) social involvement leads to perception of career barriers, and (c) library use leads to perception that sport identity need not detract from career situation.

Authors: Richard H. Cox, Sheriece Sadberry, Richard T. McGuire, Adrian McBride

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