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Special issues for Journal of Clinical Sport Psychology 2012

2-Part Special Issue: "Concussion in Sports"

2-Part Special Issue: "Concussion in Sports" (September, December 2012)

Over the past 15 years, the study and management of sports concussion has united many scientists and practitioners and has resulted in the recent Zurich consensus statement, which provides evidence-based guidelines for the management of sports concussion. The two back-to-back special issues of the Journal of Clinical Sport Psychology will focus on recent developments in research and clinical management of sports concussion. The first special issue presents the latest best practice approaches to the management of cerebral concussion in sport. Papers by international experts review topics relevant to practitioners who work with athletes who are vulnerable to, or recovering from, cerebral concussion. The second special issue reviews specific issues related to examining the nature, impact, and clinical management implications of cerebral concussions in the sport milieu. Authors with extensive experience in sports concussion research will contribute to the two issues. Both issues will provide useful and clinically relevant information for those who are involved with clinical management of concussed athletes, and it will serve as a review for those who are well informed on the topic and work within a science-practitioner model.

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