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Albert V. Carron

Carron is with the Department of Kinesiology, University of Western Ontario, London, ON, Canada.


  A Phenomenological Analysis of Group Norms in Sport Teams, (Volume 13, Issue 2, June)
  Aggression as a Potential Mediator of the Home Advantage in Professional Ice Hockey, (Volume 14, Issue 2, June)
  Application of the Theories of Reasoned Action and Planned Behavior to Exercise Behavior: A Meta-Analysis, (Volume 19, Issue 1, March)
  APPLIED RESEARCH – The Nature of Group Goals in Sport Teams: A Phenomenological Analysis, (Volume 6, Issue 4, December)
  Assessing the Cohesion of Teams: Validity of the Group Environment Questionnaire, (Volume 9, Issue 3, September)
  Athletic Maturity and Preferred Leadership, (Volume 5, Issue 4, December)
  Batting First Versus Last: Implications for the Home Advantage, (Volume 12, Issue 3, September)
  BOOK REVIEWS, (Volume 2, Issue 1, March)
  Cohesion and Performance in Sport: A Meta Analysis, (Volume 24, Issue 2, June)
  Cohesion in Volunteer Sport Executive Committees, (Volume 17, Issue 2, April)
  Cohesiveness in Sport Groups: Interpretations and Considerations, (Volume 4, Issue 2, June)
  Compatibility in Coach-Athlete Relationships, (Volume 7, Issue 2, June)
  Development of a Cohesion Questionnaire for Youth: The Youth Sport Environment Questionnaire, (Volume 31, Issue 3, June)
  Eating Disorder Indices and Athletes: An Integration, (Volume 21, Issue 3, September)
  Effects of Travel and Length of Home Stand/Road Trip on the Home Advantage, (Volume 13, Issue 1, March)
  Exploring the Relationship Between Cohesion and Group Resistance to Disruption, (Volume 10, Issue 2, June)
  Group Cohesion and Adherence in Exercise Class, (Volume 14, Issue 1, March)
  Group Cohesion and Individual Adherence to Physical Activity, (Volume 10, Issue 2, June)
  Group Cohesion and Self-Handicapping in Female and Male Athletes, (Volume 18, Issue 2, June)
  Group Effects and Self-Handicapping, (Volume 16, Issue 3, September)
  Item Wording and Internal Consistency of a Measure of Cohesion: The Group Environment Questionnaire, (Volume 29, Issue 3, June)
  Learned Helplessness in Sport, (Volume 2, Issue 3, September)
  Perceptions of Cohesion by Youth Sport Participants, (Volume 23, Issue 3, September)
  Personal and Situational Factors Associated with Dropping Out versus Maintaining Participation in Competitive Sport, (Volume 4, Issue 4, December)
  Processes of Group Interaction in Sport Teams, (Volume 33, Issue 2, August)
  Role Ambiguity in Sport Teams, (Volume 25, Issue 4, December)
  Social Influence and Exercise: A Meta-Analysis, (Volume 18, Issue 1, March)
  The Development of an Instrument to Assess Cohesion in Sport Teams: The Group Environment Questionnaire, (Volume 7, Issue 3, September)
  The Dynamics of Group Cohesion in Sport, (Volume 3, Issue 2, June)
  The Effect of Group Cohesion on Competitive State Anxiety, (Volume 18, Issue 1, March)
  The Effect of Role Ambiguity on Competitive State Anxiety, (Volume 25, Issue 1, March)
  The Effects of Group Size in Sport, (Volume 12, Issue 2, June)
  The Effects of Team Building on the Adherence Patterns of Female Exercise Participants, (Volume 15, Issue 1, March)
  The Home Advantage in Sport Competitions: A Literature Review, (Volume 14, Issue 1, March)
  The Impact of Group Size in an Exercise Setting, (Volume 12, Issue 4, December)
  The Influence of the Group and Its Cohesiveness on Perceptions of Group Goal-Related Variables, (Volume 15, Issue 3, September)
  The Relationship Between Task Cohesion and Competitive State Anxiety, (Volume 25, Issue 1, March)
  When a Comment Is Much Ado About Little: A Reply to Spence, (Volume 21, Issue 4, December)