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Barbara E. Ainsworth

Barbara E. Ainsworth is with the Healthy Lifestyles Research Center and Program in Exercise and Wellness, College of Nursing and Health Innovation, Arizona State University, Mesa, AZ.


  Adherence to Accelerometer Protocols Among Women From Economically Disadvantaged Neighborhoods, (Volume 8, Issue 5, July)
  Assigning Metabolic Equivalent (MET) Values to the 2002 Census Occupational Classification System, (Volume 8, Issue 4, May)
  Comparison of a Subjective and an Objective Measure of Physical Activity in a Population Sample, (Volume 7, Issue 4, July)
  Movement, Mobility, and Public Health, (Volume 57, Issue 1, February)
  Occupational Physical Activity: Reliability and Comparison of Activity Levels, (Volume 2, Issue 3, July)
  Perceptions of Neighborhood Sidewalks on Walking and Physical Activity Patterns in a Southeastern Community in the US, (Volume 3, Issue 2, April)
  Perspectives of Public Health and Leisure Studies on Determinants of Physically Active Leisure, (Volume 4, Supplement, April)
  Physical Activity Patterns Associated With Weight-Control Status: Differences by Race and Sex, (Volume 5, Issue 3, May)
  Prevalence of Total Daily Walking Among US Adults, 2002–2003, (Volume 5, Issue 3, May)
  Progress and Pitfalls in the Use of the International Physical Activity Questionnaire (IPAQ) for Adult Physical Activity Surveillance, (Volume 6, Supplement, September)
  Single Versus Multiple Item Questions on Occupational Physical Activity, (Volume 3, Issue 1, January)
  Substrate Responses to Submaximal Exercise in the Midfollicular and Midluteal Phases of the Menstrual Cycle, (Volume 4, Issue 3, September)
  The Connections Between Social Support and Women’s Physical Activity Involvement: The Cultural Activity Participation Study, (Volume 9, Issue 2, Fall)
  The Relationship Between Leisure-Time Physical Activity and the Metabolic Syndrome: An Examination of NHANES III, 1988-1994, (Volume 2, Issue 4, October)
  The Role of Park Proximity and Social Support in Shaping Park Visitation, Physical Activity, and Perceived Health Among Older Adults, (Volume 4, Issue 2, April)
  The Translation of Health Research in Kinesiology, (Volume 61, Issue 1, February)
  Validation of a Historical Physical Activity Questionnaire in Middle-Aged Women, (Volume 4, Issue 3, July)
  Validation of the Jackson Heart Study Physical Activity Survey in African Americans, (Volume 6, Supplement, September)