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Catrine Tudor-Locke

Catrine Tudor-Locke is with the Dept of Kinesiology, University of Massachusetts Amherst. Tudor-Locke is also with the  Pennington Biomedical Research Center, Baton Rouge, LA.


  A Steps/Minute Value for Moderate Intensity Physical Activity in Adolescent Females, (Volume 24, Issue 3, August)
  Accelerometer Response to Physical Activity Intensity in Normal-Weight Versus Overweight African American Children, (Volume 8, Issue 5, July)
  Accelerometer-Determined Lifestyle Activities in US Adults, (Volume 8, Issue 3, March)
  An Exploratory Analysis of Adherence Patterns and Program Completion of a Pedometer-Based Physical Activity Intervention, (Volume 3, Issue 2, April)
  Assigning Metabolic Equivalent (MET) Values to the 2002 Census Occupational Classification System, (Volume 8, Issue 4, May)
  Association Between Television Viewing and Physical Activity in 10-Year-Old Brazilian Children, (Volume 12, Issue 10, October)
  BMI-Referenced Cut Points for Pedometer-Determined Steps per Day in Adults, (Volume 5, Supplement, January)
  But What About Swimming and Cycling? How to “Count” Non-Ambulatory Activity When Using Pedometers to Assess Physical Activity, (Volume 3, Issue 3, July)
  Cadence, Peak Vertical Acceleration, and Peak Loading Rate During Ambulatory Activities: Implications for Activity Prescription for Bone Health, (Volume 11, Issue 7, September)
  Changing School Physical Activity: An Examination of Individual School Designed Programs, (Volume 31, Issue 2, April)
  Comparison of GT3X Accelerometer and YAMAX Pedometer Steps/Day in a Free-Living Sample of Overweight and Obese Adults, (Volume 10, Issue 2, February)
  Comparison of Older Adults’ Steps per Day Using an NL-1000 Pedometer and Two GT3X+ Accelerometer Filters, (Volume 21, Issue 4, October)
  Controlled and Free-Living Evaluation of Objective Measures of Sedentary and Active Behaviors, (Volume 8, Issue 6, August)
  Convergent Validity of 3 Low Cost Motion Sensors With the ActiGraph Accelerometer, (Volume 7, Issue 5, September)
  Daily Physical Activity Patterns of Children Living in an American Indian Community, (Volume 10, Issue 1, January)
  Effectiveness of the First Step Program Delivered by Professionals Versus Peers, (Volume 6, Issue 4, July)
  Linking the American Time Use Survey (ATUS) and the Compendium of Physical Activities: Methods and Rationale, (Volume 6, Issue 3, May)
  Markers of Sedentarism: The Joint Canada/U.S. Survey of Health, (Volume 8, Issue 3, March)
  Measurement Effects of Seasonal and Monthly Variability on Pedometer-Determined Data, (Volume 9, Issue 3, March)
  Moderate-to-Vigorous Physical Activity and Sedentary Behavior: Independent Associations With Body Composition Variables in Brazilian Children, (Volume 27, Issue 3, August)
  Older Adults’ Objectively Monitored Walking Behaviors and the Factors that Shape Them, (Volume 5, Issue 1, February)
  Participant Experiences in a Workplace Pedometer-Based Physical Activity Program, (Volume 5, Issue 5, September)
  Participation by US Adults in Sports, Exercise, and Recreational Physical Activities, (Volume 6, Issue 1, January)
  Peak Stepping Cadence in Free-Living Adults: 2005–2006 NHANES, (Volume 9, Issue 8, November)
  Pedometer-Determined Segmented Physical Activity Patterns of Fourth- and Fifth-Grade Children, (Volume 8, Issue 2, February)
  Pedometry Methods for Assessing Free-Living Adults, (Volume 8, Issue 3, March)
  Preliminary Comparison of Clinical and Free-Living Measures of Stepping Cadence in Older Adults, (Volume 10, Issue 8, November)
  Real-World Evaluation of a Community-Based Pedometer Intervention, (Volume 5, Issue 5, September)
  Relationship Between Accelerometer-Determined Steps/Day and Other Accelerometer Outputs in U.S. Adults, (Volume 8, Issue 3, March)
  Step-Defined Physical Activity and Cardiovascular Risk Among Middle-Aged Japanese: The National Health and Nutrition Survey of Japan 2006, (Volume 9, Issue 8, November)
  U.S. Population Profile of Time-Stamped Accelerometer Outputs: Impact of Wear Time, (Volume 8, Issue 5, July)
  Walking Behaviors Reported in the American Time Use Survey 2003–2005, (Volume 5, Issue 5, September)
  Youth Energy Expenditure During Common Free-Living Activities and Treadmill Walking, (Volume 13, Supplement, June)