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David T. Martin

David T. Martin is with Physiology, Australian Institute of Sport, Canberra, ACT, Australia.


  Consistency of Commercial Devices for Measuring Elevation Gain, (Volume 9, Issue 5, September)
  Dairy-Based Preexercise Meal Does Not Affect Gut Comfort or Time-Trial Performance in Female Cyclists, (Volume 24, Issue 5, October)
  Distribution of Power Output When Establishing a Breakaway in Cycling, (Volume 8, Issue 4, July)
  Effects of Increased Muscle Strength and Muscle Mass on Endurance-Cycling Performance, (Volume 11, Issue 3, April)
  Fluid and Food Intake During Professional Men's and Women's Road-Cycling Tours, (Volume 2, Issue 1, March)
  Fluid Balance, Carbohydrate Ingestion, and Body Temperature During Men’s Stage-Race Cycling in Temperate Environmental Conditions, (Volume 9, Issue 3, May)
  Importance of Standardized DXA Protocol for Assessing Physique Changes in Athletes, (Volume 26, Issue 3, June)
  Increased Lean Mass With Reduced Fat Mass in an Elite Female Cyclist Returning to Competition: Case Study, (Volume 8, Issue 6, November)
  Letters to the Editor, (Volume 5, Issue 4, December)
  Lying to Win—Placebos and Sport Science , (Volume 8, Issue 6, November)
  Mood and Cycling Performance in Response to Three Weeks of High-Intensity, Short-Duration vertraining, and a Two-Week Taper, (Volume 13, Issue 4, December)
  Performance Analysis of a World-Class Sprinter During Cycling Grand Tours, (Volume 8, Issue 3, May)
  Persistent Fatigue in a Female Sprint Cyclist After a Talent-Transfer Initiative, (Volume 1, Issue 1, March)
  Physiological Responses to Cold Water Immersion Following Cycling in the Heat, (Volume 3, Issue 3, September)
  Power Output During a Professional Men's Road-Cycling Tour, (Volume 1, Issue 4, December)
  Race Weight: Perceptions of Elite Female Road Cyclists, (Volume 10, Issue 3, April)
  Reliability of a 2-Bout Exercise Test on a Wattbike Cycle Ergometer, (Volume 9, Issue 2, March)
  Serum Ferritin and Anemia in Trained Female Athletes, (Volume 8, Issue 3, September)
  Short-Term Hematological Effects Upon Completion of a Four-Week Simulated Altitude Camp , (Volume 7, Issue 1, March)
  The Effects of 4 Different Recovery Strategies on Repeat Sprint-Cycling Performance, (Volume 8, Issue 5, September)
  Threats to Internal Validity in Exercise Science: A Review of Overlooked Confounding Variables, (Volume 10, Issue 7, October)
  Using Profile of Mood States (POMS) to Monitor High-Intensity Training in Cyclists: Group Versus Case Studies, (Volume 14, Issue 2, June)
  Variability of Erythropoietin Response to Sleeping at Simulated Altitude: A Cycling Case Study, (Volume 2, Issue 3, September)
  Voluntary Food Intake By Elite Female Cyclists During Training and Racing: Influence of Daily Energy Expenditure and Body Composition, (Volume 12, Issue 3, September)