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Greg Reid

Greg Reid is with the Department of Kinesiology and Physical Education, McGill University, 475 Pine Avenue West, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, H2W 1S4.


  A Critique of Cardiovascular Fitness Testing With Mentally Retarded Persons, (Volume 4, Issue 2, April)
  A Documentary Analysis of Research Priorities in Disability Sport, (Volume 15, Issue 2, April)
  A Quantitative and Qualitative Assessment of Autistic Individuals on Selected Motor Tasks, (Volume 2, Issue 1, January)
  APAQ at Ten: A Documentary Analysis, (Volume 12, Issue 2, April)
  Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder: A Review of Research on Movement Skill Performance and Physical Fitness, (Volume 20, Issue 1, January)
  Beginning APAQ's Second Decade, (Volume 11, Issue 1, January)
  Competence Satisfaction: Risk Taking and Achievement, (Volume 23, Issue 4, October)
  Creating Evidence-Based Research in Adapted Physical Activity, (Volume 29, Issue 2, April)
  Editorial, (Volume 9, Issue 2, April)
  Exercise Effects on Health-Related Physical Fitness of individuals With an Intellectual Disability: A Meta-Analysis, (Volume 15, Issue 2, April)
  Knowledge and Skill of Ball Catching in Children With Cerebral Palsy and Other Physical Disabilities, (Volume 14, Issue 1, January)
  Motor Behavior and Individuals With Disabilities: Linking Research and Practice, (Volume 10, Issue 4, October)
  On the Causal Effects of Perceived Competence on Intrinsic Motivation: A Test of Cognitive Evaluation Theory, (Volume 6, Issue 1, March)
  People With Disabilities as Subjects in Research, (Volume 10, Issue 4, October)
  Prediction in Ball Catching by Children With and Without a Developmental Coordination Disorder, (Volume 15, Issue 4, October)
  Professional and Disciplinary Status of Adapted Physical Activity, (Volume 20, Issue 3, July)
  Self-Regulation of Sport Specific and Educational Problem-Solving Tasks by Boys With and Without DCD, (Volume 23, Issue 4, October)
  The Developmental Validity of Traditional Learn-To-Swim Progressions for Children With Physical Disabilities, (Volume 17, Issue 3, July)
  The Effects of Exercise Intensity on the Stereotypic Behaviors of Individuals With Autism, (Volume 10, Issue 3, July)
  The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Evidence-Based Practice, (Volume 29, Issue 1, January)
  The Impact Factor and APAQ, (Volume 18, Issue 2, April)