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Hiroaki Kanehisa

Hiroaki Kanehisa is with the National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Kanoya, Kagoshima, Japan.


  Association Between Contraction-Induced Increases in Elbow Flexor Muscle Thickness and Distal Biceps Brachii Tendon Moment Arm Depends on the Muscle Thickness Measurement Site, (Volume 30, Issue 1, February)
  Comparison of Elasticity of Human Tendon and Aponeurosis in Knee Extensors and Ankle Plantar Flexors In Vivo, (Volume 21, Issue 2, May)
  Effects of Low-Load Resistance Training With Vascular Occlusion on the Mechanical Properties of Muscle and Tendon, (Volume 22, Issue 2, May)
  Effects of Training on Muscle and Tendon in Knee Extensors and Plantar Flexors in Vivo, (Volume 26, Issue 3, August)
  Estimation of Passive Ankle Joint Moment During Standing and Walking, (Volume 21, Issue 1, February)
  In Vivo Measurements of Moment Arm Lengths of Three Elbow Flexors at Rest and During Isometric Contractions, (Volume 28, Issue 1, February)
  Influence of Muscle Hypertrophy on the Moment Arm of the Triceps Brachii Muscle, (Volume 31, Issue 2, April)
  Progressive, Site-Specific Loss of Muscle Mass in Older, Frail Nursing Home Residents, (Volume 23, Issue 3, July)
  Relationship Between Muscle Architecture and Joint Performance During Concentric Contractions in Humans, (Volume 29, Issue 4, August)
  Relationship Between Muscle Cocontraction and Proficiency in Whole-Body Sensorimotor Synchronization: A Comparison Study of Street Dancers and Nondancers, (Volume 17, Issue 1, January)
  The Effects of Ankle Restriction on the Multijoint Coordination of Vertical Jumping, (Volume 29, Issue 4, August)
  The Influence of Fascicle Behavior on the Lack of Velocity Dependence in Eccentric Joint Torque in Humans: In Vivo Observation, (Volume 25, Issue 2, May)
  Transverse Strain of Aponeurosis in Human Tibialis Anterior Muscle at Rest and During Contraction at Different Joint Angles, (Volume 19, Issue 1, February)