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Joan L. Duda

Joan L. Duda is with the School of Sport and Exercise Sciences, University of Birmingham, Edgbaston, Birmingham, United Kingdom.


  Achievement Goals, Competition Appraisals, and the Well- and Ill-Being of Elite Youth Soccer Players Over Two Competitive Seasons, (Volume 32, Issue 4, August)
  An Analysis of Motivation in Children's Sport: The Role of Perceived Competence in Participation, (Volume 3, Issue 3, September)
  Analysis of the Arousal/Motor Performance Relationship in Children Using Movement Kinematics, (Volume 7, Issue 3, September)
  Assessing Mental Skill and Technique Use in Applied Interventions: Recognizing and Minimizing Threats to the Psychometric Properties of the TOPS, (Volume 26, Issue 1, March)
  Basic Psychological Need Satisfaction, Stress-Related Appraisals, and Dancers’ Cortisol and Anxiety Responses, (Volume 33, Issue 6, December)
  Clarifying Misconceptions and Misrepresentations in Achievement Goal Research in Sport: A Response to Harwood, Hardy, and Swain, (Volume 23, Issue 4, December)
  Confidence Restoration Following Athletic Injury, (Volume 14, Issue 4, December)
  Cross-cultural Analysis in Exercise and Sport Psychology: A Void in the Field, (Volume 12, Issue 2, June)
  Elite Adolescent Athletes' Achievement Goals and Beliefs Concerning Success in Tennis, (Volume 15, Issue 4, December)
  Exploring the Social-Environmental Determinants of Well- and Ill-Being in Dancers: A Test of Basic Needs Theory, (Volume 32, Issue 1, February)
  Goal Perspectives and Their Implications For an Active and Healthy Life-Style Among Girls and Women, (Volume 6, Issue 2, Fall)
  Goal Striving, Coping, and Well-Being: A Prospective Investigation of the Self-Concordance Model in Sport, (Volume 33, Issue 1, February)
  Interdependencies Between the Perceived and Self-Reported Goal Orientations of Young Athletes and Their Parents, (Volume 5, Issue 3, August)
  Mental Qualities and Employed Mental Techniques of Young Elite Team Sport Athletes, (Volume 4, Issue 1, March)
  Motivation In Sport: The Mediating Role Of Perceived Ability, (Volume 6, Issue 3, September)
  Physical Education, Positivism, and Optimistic Claims From Achievement Goal Theorists: A Response to Pringle (2000), (Volume 53, Issue 4, November)
  Predictors of Adherence in the Rehabilitation of Athletic Injuries: An Application of Personal Investment Theory, (Volume 11, Issue 4, December)
  Psychological Qualities of Elite Adolescent Rugby Players: Parents, Coaches, and Sport Administration Staff Perceptions and Supporting Roles, (Volume 25, Issue 4, December)
  Relationship Between Task and Ego Orientation and the Perceived Purpose of Sport Among High School Athletes, (Volume 11, Issue 3, September)
  SPORT PSYCHOLOGIST'S DIGEST, (Volume 17, Issue 1, March)
  SPORT PSYCHOLOGIST'S DIGEST, (Volume 6, Issue 4, December)
  SPORT PSYCHOLOGIST'S DIGEST, (Volume 7, Issue 2, June)
  SPORT PSYCHOLOGIST'S DIGEST, (Volume 4, Issue 1, March)
  SPORT PSYCHOLOGIST'S DIGEST, (Volume 5, Issue 4, December)
  SPORT PSYCHOLOGIST'S DIGEST, (Volume 6, Issue 1, March)
  SPORT PSYCHOLOGIST'S DIGEST, (Volume 9, Issue 3, September)
  SPORT PSYCHOLOGIST'S DIGEST, (Volume 9, Issue 4, December)
  SPORT PSYCHOLOGIST'S DIGEST, (Volume 7, Issue 4, December)
  SPORT PSYCHOLOGIST'S DIGEST, (Volume 8, Issue 4, December)
  The Coach-Created Motivational Climate, Young Athletes' Well-Being, and Intentions to Continue Participation, (Volume 6, Issue 2, June)
  The Coping Process: Cognitive Appraisals of Stress, Coping Strategies, and Coping Effectiveness, (Volume 17, Issue 4, December)
  The Perceived Motivational Climate in Sport Questionnaire: Construct and Predictive Validity, (Volume 15, Issue 2, June)
  The Relationship of Perceived Motivational Climate to Intrinsic Motivation and Beliefs About Success in Basketball, (Volume 14, Issue 4, December)
  Toward a Developmental Theory of Children's Motivation in Sport, (Volume 9, Issue 2, June)
  Validity, Reliability, and Invariance of the Situational Motivation Scale (SIMS) Across Diverse Physical Activity Contexts, (Volume 25, Issue 1, March)