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John Grady

John Grady is with the Department of Sport and Entertainment Management, University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC.


  A New “Twist” for “The Home Run Guys”?: An Analysis of the Right of Publicity Versus Parody, (Volume 15, Issue 2, Summer)
  Accessible Tailgating: An Examination of ADA Requirements and Implications Associated With Tailgating Activities, (Volume 26, Issue 1, February)
  An Analysis of the Ongoing Global Efforts to Combat Ambush Marketing: Will Corporate Marketers “Take” the Gold in Greece?, (Volume 14, Issue 2, Summer)
  Conceptualizing and Measuring the Use of Student-Athlete Likeness in EA’s NCAA Football, (Volume 28, Issue 3, May)
  Equality of Access to Emergency Services for People with Disabilities Under the Americans with Disabilities Act, (Volume 17, Issue 1, Winter)
  Gambling and Collegiate Sport, (Volume 15, Issue 1, Winter)
  Legal Implications of the Americans with Disabilities Act on Recreation Services: Changing Guidelines, Structures, and Attitudes in Accommodating Guests with Disabilities, (Volume 13, Issue 3, Fall)
  Sponsorship Program Protection Strategies for Special Sport Events: Are Event Organizers Outmaneuvering Ambush Marketers?, (Volume 22, Issue 5, September)
  The Americans with Disabilities Act 25th Anniversary: Assessing Progress, Opportunities, and Challenges, (Volume 26, Issue 1, February)
  The Application of Title III of the ADA to Sport Web Sites, (Volume 14, Issue 2, Summer)
  Trademark Protection of School Colors: Smack Apparel and Sinks Decisions Trigger Color-ful Legal Debate for the Collegiate Licensing Industry, (Volume 18, Issue 2, Summer)
  University of Kansas and Kansas Athletics, Inc., v. Larry Sinks et al. (collectively d/b/a/ Joe-College.com), 2008 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 23765 (D. Kan. 2008), (Volume 1, Issue 3, September)
  Who Owns the Color “Gold”? Fielding the Case of Rawlings Sporting Goods Company vs. Wilson Sporting Goods Company, (Volume 24, Issue 1, February)