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Judith E. Rink

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  A Comparison of Pedagogical Knowledge Structures of Preservice Students and Teacher Educators in Two Institutions, (Volume 13, Issue 2, January)
  Effects of Direct Instruction and Environmentally Designed Instruction on the Process and Product Characteristics of a Fundamental Skill, (Volume 18, Issue 2, January)
  Foundations for the Learning and Instruction of Sport and Games, (Volume 15, Issue 4, July)
  Implications for Practice and Research, (Volume 15, Issue 4, July)
  Investigating the Assumptions of Pedagogy, (Volume 20, Issue 2, January)
  Student Perceptions, Values, and Beliefs Prior to, During, and After Badminton Instruction, (Volume 15, Issue 4, July)
  Tactical and Skill Approaches to Teaching Sport and Games: Introduction, (Volume 15, Issue 4, July)
  Task Presentation in Pedagogy, (Volume 46, Issue 3, August)
  Teacher Education: A Focus on Action, (Volume 45, Issue 3, August)
  The Effects of a 3-Week Unit of Tactical, Skill, or Combined Tactical and Skill Instruction on Badminton Performance of Ninth-Grade Students, (Volume 15, Issue 4, July)
  The Effects of Practice Progressions on Learning Two Volleyball Skills, (Volume 10, Issue 3, April)
  The Influence of Content Development on the Effectiveness of Instruction, (Volume 11, Issue 2, January)
  The Validity of the Qualitative Measures of Teaching Performance Scale as a Measure of Teacher Effectiveness, (Volume 16, Issue 2, January)