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Loretta DiPietro

Loretta DiPietro is with the Dept of Exercise Science, George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services, Washington, DC.


  A Single Bout of Resistance Exercise Does Not Promote Excess Postexercise Energy Expenditure in Untrained Young Men with a Family History of Diabetes, (Volume 25, Issue 1, February)
  Age-Differences in GH Response to Exercise in Women: The Role of Fitness, BMI, and Insulin, (Volume 3, Issue 1, January)
  Best Practices for Physical Activity Programs and Behavior Counseling in Older Adult Populations, (Volume 13, Issue 1, January)
  Comparison of Subjective and Objective Measures of Sedentary Behavior Using the Yale Physical Activity Survey and Accelerometry in Patients With Rheumatoid Arthritis, (Volume 13, Issue 4, April)
  Corporate-Sponsored Obesity Research: Is Sugar Really Coating the Truth?, (Volume 12, Issue 6, June)
  Dog Walking Is Associated With a Favorable Risk Profile Independent of a Moderate to High Volume of Physical Activity, (Volume 9, Issue 3, March)
  Factors Predicting Adherence to 9 Months of Supervised Exercise in Healthy Older Women, (Volume 8, Issue 1, January)
  Hiring Patterns of Athletic Trainers in Ambulatory Care Settings, (Volume 20, Issue 5, September)
  Individual and Socio-Ecological Correlates of Physical Activity Among Arab and Jewish College Students in Israel, (Volume 6, Issue 3, May)
  Integrating Public Health in Kinesiology: Instruction, Academic Programs, Research, and Outreach, (Volume 4, Issue 4, November)
  Physical Activity and Measures of Cognitive Function in Healthy Older Adults: The MacArthur Study of Successful Aging, (Volume 4, Issue 4, October)
  Physical Activity and Public Health: The Challenges Ahead, (Volume 9, Issue 1, January)
  Physical Activity Reduces Type 2 Diabetes Risk in Aging Independent of Body Weight Change, (Volume 1, Issue 1, January)
  Preliminary Evidence for School-Based Physical Activity Policy Needs in Washington, DC, (Volume 9, Issue 1, January)
  Progressive Improvement in Glucose Tolerance Following Lower-Intensity Resistance Versus Moderate-Intensity Aerobic Training in Older Women, (Volume 5, Issue 6, November)
  The Fun Integration Theory: Toward Sustaining Children and Adolescents Sport Participation, (Volume 12, Issue 3, March)
  The Impact of Physical Activity and Physical Fitness on Health Indicators Among Older Adults, (Volume 2, Issue 1, January)