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Neville Owen

Neville Owen is with the Physical Activity and Behavioural Epidemiology Laboratories, Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute, Melbourne, VIC, Australia.


  Advancing Science and Policy Through a Coordinated International Study of Physical Activity and BuiltEnvironments: IPEN Adult Methods, (Volume 10, Issue 4, May)
  Alternating Sitting and Standing Increases the Workplace Energy Expenditure of Overweight Adults, (Volume 13, Issue 1, January)
  Associations of Leisure-Time Sitting in Cars With Neighborhood Walkability, (Volume 11, Issue 6, August)
  Exercise by Mail: A Mediated Behavior-Change Program for Aerobic Exercise, (Volume 9, Issue 4, December)
  Gender, Age, and Educational-Attainment Differences in Australian Adults’ Participation in Vigorous Sporting and Fitness Activities, (Volume 1, Issue 4, October)
  Habitual Active Transport Moderates the Association of TV Viewing Time With Body Mass Index, (Volume 7, Issue 1, January)
  High Neighborhood Walkability Mitigates Declines in Middle-to-Older Aged Adults' Walking for Transport, (Volume 9, Issue 7, September)
  Individual, Psychosocial, and Environmental Correlates of 4-Year Declines in Walking Among Middle-to-Older Aged Adults, (Volume 11, Issue 6, August)
  Measuring Physical Activity Change in Broad-Reach Intervention Trials, (Volume 7, Issue 2, March)
  Neighborhood and Individual Socio-Economic Variations in the Contribution of Occupational Physical Activity to Total Physical Activity, (Volume 3, Issue 2, April)
  Perceived Barriers to Leisure-Time Physical Activity in Adults: An Ecological Perspective, (Volume 7, Issue 4, July)
  Relationships of Individual, Social, and Physical Environmental Factors With Older Adults’ Television Viewing Time, (Volume 22, Issue 4, October)
  Reported Physical Activity and Sedentary Behavior: Why Do You Ask?, (Volume 9, Supplement, January)
  Socio-Demographic Correlates of Prolonged Television Viewing Time in Australian Men and Women: The AusDiab Study, (Volume 7, Issue 5, September)
  Socio-Demographic Variations in Walking for Transport and for Recreation or Exercise Among Adult Australians, (Volume 3, Issue 2, April)
  Who Participates in Physical Activity Intervention Trials?, (Volume 8, Issue 1, January)