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Paul R. Surburg

Paul R. Surburg is with the Department of Kinesiology, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN.


  Application of Imagery Techniques to Special Populations, (Volume 6, Issue 4, October)
  APPLICATION: Basic Problems in Motor Learning Research, (Volume 2, Issue 2, April)
  Are Adapted Physical Educators Ready for the Student With AIDS?, (Volume 5, Issue 4, October)
  Assessing Midline Crossing Ability in Adults With Spastic Diplegic Cerebral Palsy, (Volume 23, Issue 4, October)
  Effects of Hydraulic Resistance Strength Training on Isokinetic Measures of Leg Strength in Men With Mental Retardation, (Volume 12, Issue 4, October)
  Effects of Midline Crossing on Reaction Time and Movement Time With Adolescents Classified as Mildly Mentally Retarded, (Volume 10, Issue 3, July)
  Experimenter Naivete and Imagery Practice, (Volume 13, Issue 2, June)
  Fractionated Lower Extremity Response Time Performance in Boys With and Without ADHD, (Volume 21, Issue 4, October)
  Increased Training Intensity Recommended for Handicapped Children, (Volume 3, Issue 1, January)
  Increasing Level of Activity Through Recreation, (Volume 2, Issue 1, January)
  Lower Extremity Movement Preparation and Children With Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, (Volume 25, Issue 1, January)
  Midline Crossing Behavior in Children With Learning Disabilities, (Volume 16, Issue 2, April)
  Motor Performance of Children With Mild Mental Disabilities After Using Mental Imagery, (Volume 14, Issue 2, April)
  New Perspectives for Developing Range of Motion and Flexibility for Special Populations, (Volume 3, Issue 3, July)
  Perceptions of Adapted Physical Education Graduates From Selected Universities on Attainment of Doctoral Competencies, (Volume 19, Issue 4, October)
  Two Conditions of Uncertainty and Their Effects on Reaction Time of Mentally Retarded Adolescents, (Volume 2, Issue 2, April)
  Use of Imagery Practice for Improving a Motor Skill, (Volume 12, Issue 3, July)