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Peter A. Hastie

Peter A. Hastie is with Auburn University, Department of Health & Human Performance, 2050 Memorial Coliseum, Auburn, AL 36849-5323. 01/06.


  A Study of Task Systems and Accountability in an Elite Junior Sports Setting, (Volume 11, Issue 4, July)
  Aerobic Fitness Status and Out-of-School Lifestyle of Rural Children in America and Russia, (Volume 7, Issue 2, March)
  An Ecological Analysis of a Sport Education Season, (Volume 19, Issue 3, April)
  An Ecology of a Secondary School-Outdoor Adventure Camp, (Volume 15, Issue 1, October)
  Fourth Grade Students’ Drawing Interpretations of a Sport Education Soccer Unit, (Volume 25, Issue 1, January)
  Kounin Revisited: Tentative Postulates for an Expanded Examination of Classroom Ecologies, (Volume 26, Issue 3, July)
  Perceptions of Girls about Their Participation in Aussie Footy, (Volume 2, Issue 1, Spring)
  Selected Teacher Behaviors and Student ALT-PE in Secondary School Physical Education, (Volume 13, Issue 3, April)
  Sport Education, Tactical Games, and Cooperative Learning: Theoretical and Pedagogical Considerations, (Volume 56, Issue 2, May)
  Student Physical Activity Levels During a Season of Sport Education, (Volume 14, Issue 1, February)
  Student Role Involvement During a Unit of Sport Education, (Volume 16, Issue 1, October)
  Students’ Autobiographical Memory of Participation in Multiple Sport Education Seasons, (Volume 29, Issue 2, April)
  Take Your Partners: A Description of a Student Social System in a Secondary School Dance Class, (Volume 15, Issue 2, January)
  The Ecology of Cooperative Learning in Elementary Physical Education Classes, (Volume 29, Issue 2, April)
  The Participation and Perceptions of Girls Within a Unit of Sport Education, (Volume 17, Issue 2, January)
  The Relationship Between Subject-Matter Expertise and Accountability in Instructional Tasks, (Volume 19, Issue 1, October)
  The Student Social System Within Sport Education, (Volume 16, Issue 2, January)
  Where Good Intentions Meet Harsh Realities: Teaching Large Classes in Physical Education, (Volume 18, Issue 3, April)