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R. Scott Kretchmar

R. Scott Kretchmar is with the Department of Kinesiology, Penn State University, University Park, PA 16802.


  Tensions, Integrations, Messiness, and Hope for the Future, (Volume 2, Issue 1, February)
  A Functionalist Analysis of Game Acts: Revisiting Searle, (Volume 28, Issue 2, October)
  Aristotle's Golden Mean: Its Implications for the Doping Debate, (Volume 37, Issue 1, May)
  Building Strong Academic Programs: The Problem of Performance, (Volume 50, Issue 2, May)
  Comments from the Editor, (Volume 1, Issue 2, December)
  Comments from the Editor, (Volume 3, Issue 1, June)
  Comments from the Editor, (Volume 4, Issue 1, June)
  Duty, Habit, and Meaning: Different Faces of Adherence, (Volume 53, Issue 3, August)
  Jigsaw Puzzles and River Banks: Two Ways of Picturing Our Future, (Volume 57, Issue 1, February)
  Life on Easy Street: The Persistent Need for Embodied Hopes and Down-to-Earth Games, (Volume 58, Issue 3, August)
  Meeting the Opposition: Buber’s “Will” and “Grace” in Sport, (Volume 24, Issue 1, June)
  Moving and Being Moved: Implications for Practice, (Volume 52, Issue 3, August)
  Physical Activity, Aging, and Disability, (Volume 52, Issue 4, November)
  Preface, (Volume 45, Issue 4, November)
  Sport, (Volume 36, Issue 2, October)
  The Challenge of Telling Our Story Effectively, (Volume 51, Issue 2, May)
  The Tenth Dudley Allen Sargent Commemorative Lecture 1990: Values, Passion, and the Expected Lifespan of Physical Education, (Volume 42, Issue 2, August)
  The Utility of Silos and Bunkers in the Evolution of Kinesiology, (Volume 60, Issue 1, February)
  WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BE ETHICAL? - Philosophy of Ethics, (Volume 45, Issue 1, February)
  What to Do With Meaning? A Research Conundrum for the 21st Century, (Volume 59, Issue 4, November)
  Why Do We Care So Much About Mere Games? (And Is This Ethically Defensible?), (Volume 57, Issue 2, May)