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Terry J. Housh

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  Age-Related Increases in the Shoulder Strength of High School Wrestlers, (Volume 2, Issue 1, February)
  Coaches' Attitudes, Knowledge, and Practices Concerning Weight Loss Behaviors in High School Wrestling, (Volume 5, Issue 2, May)
  Estimation of Body Composition in Black Adolescent Male Athletes, (Volume 5, Issue 2, May)
  Gender Comparisons of Mechanomyographic Amplitude and Mean Power Frequency Versus Isometric Torque Relationships, (Volume 21, Issue 1, February)
  lsokinetic Peak Torque in Young Wrestlers, (Volume 8, Issue 2, May)
  Muscular Power of High School Wrestlers, (Volume 3, Issue 1, February)
  Muscular Power of the Arms in High School Wrestlers, (Volume 5, Issue 1, February)
  Muscular Strength and Power in Elite Young Male Runners, (Volume 2, Issue 1, February)
  Seasonal Changes in Body Composition, Strength, and Muscular Power in High School Wrestlers, (Volume 6, Issue 1, February)
  The Covariate Influence of Muscle Mass on Isokinetic Peak Torque in High School Wrestlers, (Volume 7, Issue 2, May)
  The Effect of Grip Width on Bench Press Performance, (Volume 8, Issue 1, February)
  The Validity of High School Wrestlers' Estimations of Minimal Wrestling Weight, (Volume 2, Issue 2, May)
  Validity of Fat-Free Weight Equations for Estimating Mean and Peak Power in High School Wrestlers, (Volume 21, Issue 1, February)
  Validity of Near-Infrared lnteractance Instruments for Estimating Percent Body Fat in Youth Wrestlers, (Volume 8, Issue 1, February)
  Weight Loss Behavior in High School Wrestling: Wrestler and Parent Perceptions, (Volume 3, Issue 1, February)