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Tom L. Sharpe

Sharpe is with the Department of Educational Leadership, College of Education, University of Nevada Las Vegas, NV.


  Analysis of an Ongoing, District-Wide Collaborative Approach to Teacher Education, (Volume 19, Issue 1, October)
  Assessing and Improving the Accuracy of In-Service Teachers' Perceptions of Daily Practice, (Volume 15, Issue 3, April)
  Comparative Effects of Sequential Behavior Feedback and Goal-Setting Across Peer-Teaching and Field-Based Practice Teaching, (Volume 21, Issue 3, April)
  Cooperation, Collegiality, and Collaboration: Reinforcing the Scholar-Practitioner Model, (Volume 49, Issue 2, May)
  Effects of Sequential Feedback on Preservice Teacher Instructional Interactions and Students’ Skill Practice, (Volume 19, Issue 1, October)
  Field Systems Analysis: Prioritizing Patterns in Time and Context Among Observable Variables, (Volume 44, Issue 1, April)
  In Response: Further Reflections on Technology, Science, and Culture, (Volume 50, Issue 4, November)
  Kounin Revisited: Tentative Postulates for an Expanded Examination of Classroom Ecologies, (Volume 26, Issue 3, July)
  Methodological Innovation: An Introduction to Roger Ray, (Volume 12, Issue 1, October)
  Model/Practice Versus Verbal/Rehearsal Introductions of Systems Skills Within an Individually Prescribed Instructional System, (Volume 9, Issue 1, October)
  Part II - Strategies and Tactics for Field Systems Analysis, (Volume 12, Issue 1, October)
  Part IV - An Epistemological Postscript, (Volume 12, Issue 1, October)
  RESEARCH NOTE - An Introduction to Sequential Behavior Analysis and What It Offers Physical Education Teacher Education Researchers, (Volume 16, Issue 3, April)
  Study I – A Curriculum Demonstration Teacher: A Positive, Prompting, Perpetual-Motion Pedagogue, (Volume 12, Issue 1, October)
  Study II - An Unusual Novice: Confident and Consistent, Repetitious and Redundant, (Volume 12, Issue 1, October)
  Study III - Expert and Novice Elementary Specialists: A Comparative Analysis, (Volume 12, Issue 1, October)
  Technology and the Information Age: A Cautionary Tale for Higher Education, (Volume 50, Issue 1, February)
  The Effects of Accountability on Task Accomplishment in Collegiate Football, (Volume 17, Issue 1, October)
  The Effects of Personal Accountability and Personal Responsibility Instruction on Select Off-Task and Positive Social Behaviors, (Volume 24, Issue 1, January)
  The Implications of Field Systems for Teacher Education, (Volume 12, Issue 1, October)
  Using Technology to Study Human Interaction: Practice and Implications of a Sequential Behavior Approach, (Volume 50, Issue 4, November)