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Diana C. Parra

Diana Parra is with the Prevention Research Center in St. Louis, and the George Warren Brown School of Social Work, Washington University in St. Louis, MO.


  An Inside Look at Active Transportation in Bogotá: A Qualitative Study, (Volume 9, Issue 6, August)
  Assembling the Puzzle for Promoting Physical Activity in Brazil: A Social Network Analysis, (Volume 7, Supplement, July)
  Association Between Perceived Environmental Attributes and Physical Activity Among Adults in Recife, Brazil, (Volume 7, Supplement, July)
  Characteristics of the Built Environment Associated With Leisure-Time Physical Activity Among Adults in Bogotá, Colombia: A Multilevel Study, (Volume 7, Supplement, July)
  Lessons Learned After 10 Years of IPAQ Use in Brazil and Colombia, (Volume 7, Supplement, July)
  Physical Activity Interventions in Latin America: What Value Might Be Added by Including Conference Abstracts in a Literature Review?, (Volume 7, Supplement, July)
  Project GUIA: A Model for Understanding and Promoting Physical Activity in Brazil and Latin America, (Volume 7, Supplement, July)
  Promoting Physical Activity Through Community-Wide Policies and Planning: Findings From Curitiba, Brazil, (Volume 7, Supplement, July)
  Quality of Life, Physical Activity, and Built Environment Characteristics Among Colombian Adults, (Volume 7, Supplement, July)
  Research on Physical Activity and Health: Where Is Latin America?, (Volume 7, Supplement, July)
  Using Logic Models as Iterative Tools for Planning and Evaluating Physical Activity Promotion Programs in Curitiba, Brazil, (Volume 7, Supplement, July)
  Walking or Bicycling to School and Weight Status Among Adolescents From Montería, Colombia, (Volume 8, Supplement, September)