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Michael W. Beets

Michael  Beets is with the Department of Exercise Science, University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC.


  A Coordinated Comprehensive Professional Development Training's Effect on Summer Day Camp Staff Healthy Eating and Physical Activity Promoting Behaviors, (Volume 11, Issue 6, August)
  Association of Staff Behaviors and Afterschool Program Features to Physical Activity: Findings from Movin’ After School, (Volume 10, Issue 3, March)
  Convergent Validity of Pedometer and Accelerometer Estimates of Moderate-to-Vigorous Physical Activity of Youth, (Volume 8, Supplement, September)
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  Environmental Modifications to Increase Physical Activity During Recess: Preliminary Findings From Ready for Recess, (Volume 8, Supplement, September)
  How Physically Active Are Children Attending Summer Day Camps?, (Volume 10, Issue 6, August)
  Is Physical Fitness Associated With Health in Overweight and Obese Youth? A Systematic Review, (Volume 2, Issue 4, November)
  Physical Activity in After-School Programs: Comparison With Physical Activity Policies, (Volume 12, Issue 1, January)
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  System for Observing Staff Promotion of Activity and Nutrition (SOSPAN), (Volume 11, Issue 1, January)
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  Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Multi-Component Interventions Through Schools to Increase Physical Activity, (Volume 12, Issue 10, October)
  Wasting Our Time? Allocated Versus Accumulated Physical Activity in Afterschool Programs, (Volume 12, Issue 8, August)