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From the Editors


An International Perspective on the Importance of Physical Activity: Reflections on a Visit to Australia

79 – 80
Steven N. Blair, James R. Morrow, Jr.

Article Review


Physical Activity Promotion: Experiences and Evaluation of the Agita São Paulo Program Using the Ecological Mobile Model

81 – 97
Sandra Mahecha Matsudo, Victor Rodrigues Matsudo, Douglas Roque Andrade, Timóteo Leandro Araújo, Erinaldo Andrade, Luis Oliveira, Glaucia Braggion

Original Research


Considerations for Physical Activity Research: Variations on a Theme

98 – 113
Sandra A. Ham, Caroline A. Macera, Deborah A. Jones, Barbara Ainsworth, Kathleen M. Turczyn


Healthy People 2010 Physical Activity Guidelines and Psychological Symptoms: Evidence From a Large Nationwide Database

114 – 130
Marcus K. Taylor, Ricardo Pietrobon, Deng Pan, Michael Huff, Laurence D. Higgins


Monitoring Physical Activity: Uses and Measurement Issues With Automated Counters

131 – 141
Michelle L. Granner, Patricia A. Sharpe


Associations of Self-rated Fitness and Different Types of Leisure Time Physical Activity With Predicted Aerobic Fitness in 5979 Finnish Adults

142 – 153
Katja Borodulin, Timo A. Lakka, Tiina Laatikainen, Raija Laukkanen, Hannu Kinnunen, Pekka Jousilahti


Leisure-Time Physical Activity Levels Among Canadian Adolescents, 1981–1998

154 – 162
Joey C. Eisenmann, Peter T. Katzmarzyk, Mark S. Tremblay

PCPFS Research Digest


Do Active People Have Special Nutritional Needs?