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Physical Activity and Physical Fitness: Weighing the Relative Importance of Each

Sharon Plowman


Pedometer-Determined Physical Activity Levels of Youth

Guy C. Le Masurier, Aaron Beighle, Charles B. Corbin, Paul W. Darst, Robert P. Pangrazi, Bridgette Wilde, Susan D. Vincent


Comparisons Between Rail-Trail Users and Nonusers and Men and Women's Patterns of Use in a Suburban Community

Philip J. Troped, Ruth P. Saunders, Russell R. Pate


The Relative Contributions of Psychological, Social, and Environmental Variables to Explain Participation in Walking, Moderate-, and Vigorous-Intensity Leisure-Time Physical Activity

Nicola W. Burton, Gavin Turrell, Brian Oldenburg, James F. Sallis


Evaluating the Population Health Impact of Physical Activity Interventions in Primary Care--Are We Asking the Right Questions?

Elizabeth G. Eakin, Ben J. Smith, Adrian Bauman


Convergent Validity of the Physical Activity Questionnaire for Adults: The New Member of the PAQ Family

Jennifer L. Copeland, Kent C. Kowalski, Rachel M. Donen, Mark S. Tremblay


Correlates of Physical Activity in Persons with Arthritis: Review and Recommendations

Sara Wilcox, Cheryl Der Ananian, Patricia A. Sharpe, Jennifer Robbins, Theresa Brady

PCPFS Research Digest


Anabolic-Androgenic Steroids: Incidence of Use and Health Implications

Charles E. Yesalis, Michael S. Bahrke

From the Editors


Comments on U.S. Dietary Guidelines

Steven N. Blair, James R. Morrow, Jr., James R. Morrow, Jr.