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Original Research Relationship Between Physical Activity, Fitness, and CHD Risk Factors in Middle-Age Chinese

The impact of physical activity, aerobic fitness, and body com-position on coronary heart disease (CHD) risk factors in Hong Kong Chinese adults has not been previously investigated. Methods: The study surveyed 707 randomly selected middle-age Hong Kong Chinese by telephone for Physical Activity Rating (PAR). Three hundred and sixteen respondents (age: 45.1 ± 8.1 y) participated in subsequent aerobic fitness testing (and CHD risk factor screening. Results: More than 70% of respondents did not have sufficient levels of physical activity. Fifty percent of the men and 19.5% of the women had two or more CHD risk factors. PAR correlated poorly with and CHD risk factors. showed significant associations with CHD risk factors. The adjusted odds ratios of having CHD risk factors for unfit participants ranged from 1.11 to 6.61 as compared to fit participants. Obese but fit individuals demonstrated lower odds of CHD risk factors than the obese and unfit individuals. WC was found to be a stronger predictor for CHD risk factors than BMI. Conclusions: The prevalence of CHD risk factors in middle-age Chinese in Hong Kong was high and was related to levels of aerobic fitness and obesity.

Authors: Stanley Sai Chuen Hui, Neil Thomas, Brian Tomlinson

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