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Original Research


The Impact of the Built Environment on Walking as a Leisure-Time Activity Along the U.S./Mexico Border

Candace D. Rutt, Karen J. Coleman


Towards a Social Epidemiological Perspective on Physical Activity and Health: The Aims, Design, and Methods of the Physical Activity Longitudinal Study (PALS)

Cora Lynn Craig, Lise Gauvin, Peter T. Katzmarzyk, Thomas Stephens, Storm J. Russell, Lloyd Bentz, Louise Potvin


Psychometric Properties of the Self-Efficacy for Exercise Questionnaire in a Diverse Sample of Men and Women

Sara Wilcox, Patricia A. Sharpe, Brent Hutto, Michelle L. Granner


Associations of Body Composition and Physical Activity with Balance and Walking Ability in the Elderly

Maija Hassinen, Pirjo Komulainen, Timo A. Lakka, Sari Väisänen, Rainer Rauramaa


Relationship Between Physical Activity, Fitness, and CHD Risk Factors in Middle-Age Chinese

Stanley Sai Chuen Hui, Neil Thomas, Brian Tomlinson


Acute Responses of Inflammatory Markers of Cardiovascular Disease Risk to a Single Walking Session

Elaine Murtagh, Colin Boreham, Alan M. Nevill, Gareth Davison, Tom Trinick, Ellie Duly, Mawloud El-Agnaf, Marie H. Murphy


The Relationship Between Intensity of Physical Activity and HDL Cholesterol in 272 Women

James D. LeCheminant, Larry A. Tucker, Bruce W. Bailey, Travis Peterson


Calibration and Evaluation of an Objective Measure of Physical Activity in Preschool Children

John R. Sirard, Stewart G. Trost, Karin A. Pfeiffer, Marsha Dowda, Russell R. Pate


Occupational Physical Activity: Reliability and Comparison of Activity Levels

Michelle M. Yore, Sandra A. Ham, Barbara E. Ainsworth, Caroline A. Macera, Deborah A. Jones, Harold W. Kohl III

PCPFS Research Digest


Physical Activity in Minority Populations: Overcoming a Public Health Challenge

Carlos J. Crespo

Original Research


Standardizing and Optimizing the Use of Accelerometer Data for Free-Living Physical Activity Monitoring

2005, 2, 366 – 383
Dale W. Esliger, Jennifer L. Copeland, Joel D. Barnes, Mark S. Tremblay,