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Original Research


10,000 Steps Rockhampton: Evaluation of a Whole Community Approach to Improving Population Levels of Physical Activity

Wendy J. Brown, Kerry Mummery, Elizabeth G. Eakin, Grant Schofield


Environmental, Transportation, Social, and Time Barriers to Physical Activity

Amy I. Zlot, John J. Librett, David M. Buchner, Thomas L. Schmid


Correspondence Between Perceived and Observed Measures of Neighborhood Environmental Supports for Physical Activity

Tegan K. Boehmer, Kathleen W. Wyrwich, Laura K. Brennan Ramirez, Ross C. Brownson


An Observation Method for Determining the Number of Children and Adults Walking/Biking to Elementary School

Rick L. Petosa, Walker S.C. Poston, Emily Stevens, Laura Katzenmoyer


Reliability and Validity of a Scale to Measure Self-Efficacy to Overcome Barriers to Walking for Transportation

Margaret Schneider


The Predictive Utility of the Children’s Physical Activity Correlates (CPAC) Scale Across Multiple Grade Levels

Jodee Schaben, Roxane Joens-Matre, Larry Hensley


Validation of the Physical Activity Self-Efficacy Scale: Testing Measurement Invariance Between Hispanic and Caucasian Children

John B. Bartholomew, Alexandra Loukas, Esbelle M. Jowers, Shane Allua


Changes in Aerobic Fitness in Swedish Children and Adolescents

Anita Hurtig Wennlöf, Agneta Yngve, Michael Sjöström


Socioeconomic Predictors of a Sedentary Lifestyle: Results From the 2001 National Health Survey

Adrienne Brown, Mohammad Siahpush


Single Versus Multiple Item Questions on Occupational Physical Activity

Michelle M. Yore, Heather R. Bowles, Barbara E. Ainsworth, Caroline A. Macera, Harold W. Kohl III


Accumulating Short Bouts of Running Exercise Throughout the Day Reduces Postprandial Plasma Triacylglycerol Concentrations and Resting Blood Pressure in Healthy Young Men

Masashi Miyashita, Stephen Francis Burns, David John Stensel


Age-Differences in GH Response to Exercise in Women: The Role of Fitness, BMI, and Insulin

Lauren Gulka, James Dziura, Loretta DiPietro

PCPFS Research Digest


Physical Activity and Non-Traditional CHD Risk Factors: New Pathways for Primordial Prevention of Coronary Heart Disease

Radim Jurca, Michael J. LaMonte, J. Larry Durstine