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Original Research


The Effects of Signage and the Physical Environment on Stair Usage

237 – 244
Tim Bungum, Mindy Meacham, Nicole Truax


Using the Internet to Promote Physical Activity: A Randomized Trial of Intervention Delivery Modes

245 – 260
Rebekah Steele, W. Kerry Mummery, Trudy Dwyer


Associations Between Demographic, Perceptual, and Behavioral Factors and Support for Policies Encouraging Active Transport

261 – 277
Kristiann Heesch, Jennifer L. Han


Perceived Individual, Social, and Environmental Factors for Physical Activity and Walking

278 – 293
Michelle L. Granner, Patricia A. Sharpe, Brent Hutto, Sara Wilcox, Cheryl L. Addy


Ambulatory Activity and Body Mass Index in White and Non-White Older Adults

294 – 304
Ann Swartz, Scott Strath, Sarah Parker, Nora E. Miller, Linda Cieslik


Should All Steps Count When Using a Pedometer as a Measure of Physical Activity in Older Adults?

305 – 314
Alison L. Marshall


Step-Counter Determined Walking in Youth in Colorado

315 – 324
Nanette Stroebele, Holly R. Wyatt, George W. Reed, John C. Peters, James O. Hill


Physical Activity-Related Injury and Body Mass Index Among US High School Students

325 – 342
Richard Lowry, Sarah M. Lee, Deborah A. Galuska, Lisa C. Barrios, Laura Kann


Validation of a Historical Physical Activity Questionnaire in Middle-Aged Women

343 – 357
Katrina D. DuBose, Sandra Edwards, Barbara E. Ainsworth, Jared P. Reis, Martha L. Slattery

PCPFS Research Digest


Exercising in the Heat and Sun

Lindsay B. Baker, W. Larry Kenney

From the Editors


A Major Milestone for JPAH

233 – 234
Jennifer M. Hootman



A New Feature: Our Scientific Heritage

235 – 236
William L. Haskell

Our Scientific Heritage


The Effects of Training on Heart Rate: A Longitudinal Study

M.J. Karvonen, E. Kentala, O. Mustala