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Original Research


Weight Loss in a Community Initiative That Promotes Decreased Energy Intake and Increased Physical Activity and Dairy Consumption: Calcium Weighs-In

28 – 44
Holly R. Wyatt, Bonnie T. Jortberg, Christine Babbel, Sara Garner, Fang Dong, Gary K. Grunwald, James O. Hill


The Condition of Neighborhood Parks Following Hurricane Katrina: Development of a Post-Hurricane Assessment Instrument

45 – 57
Ariane L. Rung, Jessica L. Thomson, Andrew J. Mowen, Jeanette Gustat, Bradley J. Tompkins, Patricia K. Strikmiller,


Effects of 2 Brief Interventions on Women’s Understanding of Moderate-Intensity Physical Activity

58 – 73
Kelly R. Rice, Mary K. Dinger, David A. Fields


Saskatoon In Motion: Class- Versus Home-Based Exercise Intervention for Older Adults With Chronic Health Conditions

74 – 87
Bruce A. Reeder, Karen E. Chad, Elizabeth L. Harrison, Nigel L. Ashworth, M. Suzanne Sheppard, Koren L. Fisher, Brian G. Quinn, Punam Pahwa, M. Alomgir Hossain


Feasibility and Efficacy of a “Move and Learn” Physical Activity Curriculum in Preschool Children

88 – 103
Stewart G. Trost, Bronwyn Fees, David Dzewaltowski


Occupational and Nonoccupational Physical Activity and the Social Determinants of Physical Activity: Results From the Health Survey for England

104 – 116
Steven Allender, Charlie Foster, Anna Boxer


The Association of Perceived and Objectively Measured Crime With Physical Activity: A Cross-Sectional Analysis

117 – 131
Aileen P. McGinn, Kelly R. Evenson, Sara L. Huston,


Correlates of Weight-Bearing Physical Activity Among Adolescent Girls: Results From a National Survey of Girls and Their Parents

132 – 145
Simani M. Price, Judith McDivitt, Deanne Weber, Lisa S. Wolff, Holly A. Massett,


Physical Activity, Health-Related Quality of Life, and Psychosocial Functioning of Adults With Cerebral Palsy

146 – 157
Cadeyrn J. Gaskin,


A Conceptual Framework for Improving the Accessibility of Fitness and Recreation Facilities for People With Disabilities

158 – 168
Barth B. Riley, James H. Rimmer, Edward Wang, William J. Schiller


An Ecological Approach With Primary-Care Counseling to Promote Physical Activity

169 – 183
Julian Reed, Lori Malvern, Suresh Muthukrishnan, Rachael Hardy, Lauren King


Perceived Restorativeness for Activities Scale (PRAS): Development and Validation

184 – 195
J.C. Norling, Jim Sibthorp, Edward Ruddell

From the Editors


Physical Activity and Public Health Practice: A New Feature of JPAH

1 – 3
Karen Petersmarck

Public Health Practice


The Promoting Active Communities Program: Improvement of Michigan’s Self-Assessment Tool

4 – 18
Katherine Alaimo, Ellen M. Bassett, Risa Wilkerson, Karen Petersmarck, Jennifer Mosack, David Mendez, Lisa Grost, Lori Stegmier


WV Walks: Replication With Expanded Reach

19 – 27
Bill Reger-Nash, Adrian Bauman, Linda Cooper, Tien Chey, Kenneth J. Simon, Kevin M. Leyden