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Original Research


Prevalence of Total Daily Walking Among US Adults, 2002–2003

337 – 346
Jared P. Reis, Caroline A. Macera, Barbara E. Ainsworth, Deborah A. Hipp


Leisure-Time Physical Activity Among US Adults 60 or More Years of Age: Results From NHANES 1999–2004

347 – 358
Jeffery P. Hughes, Margaret A. McDowell, Debra J. Brody


Associations Between Parents’ and 12-Year-Old Children’s Sport and Vigorous Activity: The Role of Self-Esteem and Athletic Competence

359 – 373
Marit Eriksson, Tobias Nordqvist, Finn Rasmussen


Effect of Social Support on Adolescents’ Perceptions of and Engagement in Physical Activity

374 – 384
Keith A. King, Jennifer L. Tergerson, Bradley R. Wilson


Factors Affecting Exercise Attendance and Completion in Sedentary Older Adults: A Meta-Analytic Approach

385 – 397
Seung-Youn Hong, Susan Hughes, Thomas Prohaska


Barriers and Enabling Factors for Work-Site Physical Activity Programs: A Qualitative Examination

418 – 429
Gena M. Fletcher, Timothy K. Behrens, Lorie Domina


Perceptions of Neighborhood Safety and Physical Activity Among Youth: The CLAN Study

430 – 444
Alison Carver, Anna Timperio, David Crawford


Tai Chi: Moving for Better Balance—Development of a Community-Based Falls Prevention Program

445 – 455
Karin A. Mack, David Sleet, K. John Fisher, Melvin A. Kohn, Lisa M. Millet, Junheng Xu, Tingzhong Yang, Beth Sutton, Yvaughn Tompkins


Physical Activity Patterns Associated With Weight-Control Status: Differences by Race and Sex

456 – 468
Judy Kruger, Michelle M. Yore, Barbara E. Ainsworth, Caroline A. Macera


Psychosocial Correlates of Exercise in Women With Self-Reported Depressive Symptoms

469 – 480
Lynette L. Craft, Frank M. Perna, Karen M. Freund, Larry Culpepper

Original Research


Physical Activity Counseling Content and Competency: A Systematic Review

398 – 417
Jeff D. Breckon, Lynne Halley Johnston, Andrew Hutchison