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Original Research


Environmental and Policy Approaches for Promoting Physical Activity in the United States: A Research Agenda

488 – 503
Ross C. Brownson, Amy A. Eyler, Cheryl Carnoske, Lisa Grost, Susan L. Handy, Jay E. Maddock, Delores Pluto, Brian A. Ritacco, James F. Sallis, Thomas L. Schmid


Exploring Associations Between Church-Based Social Support and Physical Activity

504 – 515
Mohamed Kanu, Elizabeth Baker, Ross C. Brownson


Vigorous Physical Activity and Depressive Symptoms in College Students

516 – 526
Vanessa J. Harbour, Timothy K. Behrens, Han S. Kim, Connie L. Kitchens


Adaptation and Validation of the Athletic Identity Questionnaire-Adolescent for Use With Children

539 – 558
Cheryl B. Anderson, Karen J. Coleman


Active or Sedentary? Objectively Measured Physical Activity of Latinos and Implications for Intervention

559 – 570
David X. Marquez, Eduardo E. Bustamante, Edward McAuley, Dawn E. Roberts


Correlates of Leisure-Time Physical Activity Differ by Body-Mass-Index Status in Brazilian Adults

571 – 578
Pedro Curi Hallal, Fernando Vinholes Siqueira, Samuel Carvalho Dumith, Juliano Peixoto Bastos, Marcelo Cozzensa da Silva, Marlos Rodrigues Domingues, Mario Renato Azevedo, Ulf Ekelund


Environmental Correlates of Physical Activity in Mexican American Children at Home

579 – 591
Thomas L. McKenzie, Barbara Baquero, Noe C. Crespo, Elva M. Arredondo, Nadia R. Campbell, John P. Elder


Gender Differences in Response to a Physical Activity Intervention in Overweight and Obese Children

592 – 606
Gary S. Goldfield, Risa Mallory, Kristi B. Adamo


Prompting Health Professionals to Be Activity Role Models—Motivating Stair Use at the 2001 ACSM Scientific Meeting

607 – 618
Ross E. Andersen, Shawn C. Franckowiak, Sue M. Reilley, Alison L. Marshall



Parks and Recreation Settings and Active Living: A Review of Associations With Physical Activity Function and Intensity

619 – 632
Andrew T. Kaczynski, Karla A. Henderson

From the Editors


The Birth of Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans

485 – 487
Miriam E. Nelson, William L. Haskell, Mary Kennedy

Original Research


Interunit and Intraunit Reliability of the RT3 Triaxial Accelerometer

2008, 5, 527 – 538
Joanne B. Krasnoff, Michael A. Kohn, Frankie K.K. Choy, Julie Doyle, Patricia L. Painter,