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Original Research


Electronic Media Exposure and Its Association With Activity-Related Outcomes in Female Adolescents: Cross-Sectional and Longitudinal Analyses

137 – 143
Felipe Lobelo, Marsha Dowda, Karin A. Pfeiffer, Russell R. Pate


Physical and Social Contexts of Physical Activities Among Adolescent Girls

144 – 152
JoAnn Kuo, Kathryn H. Schmitz, Kelly R. Evenson, Thomas L. McKenzie, Jared B. Jobe, Ariane L. Rung, Joel Gittelsohn, Russell R. Pate


Methods and Participant Characteristics of a Randomized Intervention to Promote Physical Activity and Healthy Eating Among Brazilian High School Students: The Saude na Boa Project

153 – 162
Markus V. Nahas, Maria Alice A. de Assis, Pedro C. Hallal, Alex A. Florindo, Lisandra Konrad


Effectiveness of a School-Based Intervention on Physical Activity for High School Students in Brazil: The Saude na Boa Project

163 – 169
Mauro Virgílio Gomes de Barros, Markus Vinicius Nahas, Pedro Curi Hallal, Simone Storino Honda de Barros


The Take PART Study (Physical Activity Research for Teenagers): Rationale and Methods

170 – 177
Catherine B. Woods, Norah M. Nelson, Eimear Foley, Niall M. Moyna


Impact of Pedometer Use and Self-Regulation Strategies on Junior High School Physical Education Students’ Daily Step Counts

178 – 184
Jane M. Shimon, Linda M. Petlichkoff


Exercise, Fibromyalgia, and Fibrofog: A Pilot Study

239 – 246
Jennifer L. Etnier, William B. Karper, Jennifer I. Gapin, Lisa A. Barella, Yu-Kai Chang, Karen J. Murphy


An Evidence-Based Exercise Program Implemented in Congregate-Meal Sites

247 – 251
Trudy L. Moore-Harrison, Mary Ann Johnson, Mary Ellen Quinn, M. Elaine Cress


Seasonal Changes in Amount and Patterns of Physical Activity in Women

252 – 261
Maciej S. Buchowski, Leena Choi, Karen M. Majchrzak, Sari Acra, Charles E. Matthews, Kong Y. Chen


Physical Activity Patterns Among Preadolescent Children in Cyprus: The CYKIDS Study

185 – 194
Chrystalleni Lazarou, Elpidoforos S. Soteriades


Physical Activity and Sedentary Pursuits of Children Living in Residential Children’s Homes

195 – 202
Marsha Dowda, Ruth P. Saunders, Lauren Hastings, Jennifer M. Gay, Alexandra E. Evans


The Effect of Physical Activity Homework on Physical Activity Among College Students

203 – 210
David Claxton, Gayle M. Wells


Validation of a Computerized 24-Hour Physical Activity Recall (24PAR) Instrument With Pattern-Recognition Activity Monitors

211 – 220
Miguel A. Calabro, Gregory J. Welk, Alicia L. Carriquiry, Sarah M. Nusser, Charles E. Matthews


Repeatability and Accuracy of CHAMPS as a Measure of Physical Activity in a Community Sample of Older Australian Adults

221 – 229
Kate Giles, Alison L. Marshall


Meditative Movement as a Category of Exercise: Implications for Research

230 – 238
Linda Larkey, Roger Jahnke, Jennifer L. Etnier, Julie Gonzalez