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Original Research


Leisure-Time Walking and Compliance With ACSM/AHA Aerobic-Related Physical Activity Recommendations: 1999–2004 NHANES

393 – 402
Eugene C. Fitzhugh, Dixie L. Thompson


Recommended Levels of Physical Activity and Health-Related Quality of Life Among Overweight and Obese Adults in the United States, 2005

403 – 411
Gregory W. Heath, David W. Brown


Objectively Measured Age-Related Changes in the Intensity Distribution of Daily Physical Activity in Adults

419 – 425
Makoto Ayabe, Takuya Yahiro, Myumi Yoshioka, Hiroyuki Higuchi, Yasuki Higaki, Hiroaki Tanaka


Reasons for Urban Trail Use Predict Levels of Trail-Related Physical Activity

426 – 434
Jennifer Wolch, Chih-Ping Chou, Michael Jerrett, Jason Byrne, Susan Weaver, Kim D. Reynolds


Healthy Campus 2010: Physical Activity Trends and the Role Information Provision

435 – 443
Diane E. Mack, Philip M. Wilson, Virginia Lightheart, Kristin Oster, Katie E. Gunnell


Associations of Leisure-Time Physical Activity With Balance and Lower Extremity Strength: A Validation of the Neuromuscular Part of the Physical Activity Pie

493 – 502
Paula J. Lindström, Jaana Suni, Clas-Håkan Nygård


Association Between Physical Activity in Parks and Perceived Environment: A Study With Adolescents

503 – 509
Rodrigo Siqueira Reis, Romelio Rodriguez Anez, Marlos Rodrigues Domingues


How School Time Physical Activity Is the “Big One” for Daily Activity Among Schoolchildren: A Semi-Experimental Approach

510 – 519
Benjamin C. Guinhouya, Mohamed Lemdani, Géoffroy K. Apété, Alain Durocher, Christian Vilhelm, Hervé Hubert


The International Universities Walking Project: Development of a Framework for Workplace Intervention Using the Delphi Technique

520 – 528
Wendy J. Brown, Guy Faulkner, Jim McKenna, Marie H. Murphy, Andy Pringle, Karin I. Proper, Anna Puig-Ribera, Aphrodite Stathi


Eight-Month Follow-Up of Physical Activity and Central Adiposity: Results From an Internet-Delivered Randomized Control Trial Intervention

444 – 455
Lucas J. Carr, R. Todd Bartee, Chris M. Dorozynski, James F. Broomfield, Marci L. Smith, Derek T. Smith


Effectiveness of the First Step Program Delivered by Professionals Versus Peers

456 – 462
Catrine Tudor-Locke, Nicola Lauzon, Anita M. Myers, Rhonda C. Bell, Catherine B. Chan, Linda J. McCargar, Mark Speechley, N. Wilson Rodger


Predictors of Response to an Intervention Modifying Physical Activity and Sedentary Behavior in Overweight/Obese Children: Attitudes vs. Behavior

463 – 466
Gary S. Goldfield


Efficacy of an Accelerometer-Guided Physical Activity Intervention in Community-Dwelling Older Women

467 – 474
Daisuke Koizumi, Nicole L. Rogers, Michael E. Rogers, Mohammod M. Islam, Nobuo Takeshima


Compliance and Acceptability of Maintaining a 6-Month Pedometer Diary in a Rural, African American Community-Based Walking Intervention

475 – 482
Jamie Zoellner, Alicia Powers, Amanda Avis-Williams, Murugi Ndirangu, Earline Strickland, Kathy Yadrick


Self-Reported Adherence: A Method for Evaluating Prescribed Physical Activity in Primary Health Care Patients

483 – 492
Lena Viktoria Kallings, Matti E. Leijon, Jan Kowalski, Mai-Lis Hellénius, Agneta Ståhle

Original Research


Dog Ownership and Health-Related Physical Activity Among Japanese Adults

412 – 418
Koichiro Oka, Ai Shibata,