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Original Research


Knowledge of Physical Activity Guidelines Among Adults in the United States, HealthStyles 2003–2005

141 – 149
Latetia Moore, Janet Fulton, Judy Kruger, Judith McDivitt


Aerobic Fitness Status and Out-of-School Lifestyle of Rural Children in America and Russia

150 – 155
Peter A. Hastie, Oleg A. Sinelnikov, Danielle Wadsworth


The Role of Families in Youth Sport Programming in a Canadian Aboriginal Reserve

156 – 166
Robert J. Schinke, Amy Blodgett, Mark A. Eys, Duke Peltier, Stephen Douglas Ritchie, Danielle Recollet-Saikkonen


Twelve-Month Effects of a Playground Intervention on Children’s Morning and Lunchtime Recess Physical Activity Levels

167 – 175
Nicola Diane Ridgers, Stuart J. Fairclough, Gareth Stratton


The Role of Self-Efficacy in Explaining Gender Differences in Physical Activity Among Adolescents: A Multilevel Analysis

176 – 183
John C. Spence, Chris M. Blanchard, Marianne Clark, Ronald C. Plotnikoff, Kate E. Storey, Linda J. McCargar


Correlates of Physical Activity in Black, Hispanic, and White Middle School Girls

184 – 193
Evelyn B. Kelly, Deborah Parra-Medina, Karin A. Pfeiffer, Marsha Dowda, Terry L. Conway, Larry S. Webber, Jared B. Jobe, Scott B. Going, Russell R. Pate


Measuring Physical Activity Change in Broad-Reach Intervention Trials

194 – 202
Alison L. Marshall, Neville Owen, Elisabeth Winkler, Elizabeth G. Eakin


A Comparison of Fitness Training to a Pedometer-Based Walking Program Matched for Total Energy Cost

203 – 213
Gordon J. Bell, Vicki J. Harber, Terra Murray, Kerry S. Courneya, Wendy M. Rodgers


Reliability of an Audit Tool for Systematic Assessment of Urban Alleyways

214 – 223
Mona Seymour, Kim D. Reynolds, Jennifer Wolch


Does a Six-Month Pedometer Intervention Improve Physical Activity and Health Among Vulnerable African Americans? A Feasibility Study

224 – 231
Jamie Zoellner, Carol Connell, Alicia Powers, Amanda Avis-Williams, Kathy Yadrick, Margaret L. Bogle


Using Signage to Promote Stair Use on a University Campus in Hidden and Visible Stairwells

232 – 238
Megan E. Grimstvedt, Jacqueline Kerr, Sara B. Oswalt, Donovan L. Fogt, Tiffanye M. Vargas-Tonsing, Zenong Yin


Bone Mineral Loss During Pregnancy: Is Tennis Protective?

239 – 245
Mina Dimov, Jane Khoury, Reginald Tsang


Formative Research to Develop the IDEFICS Physical Activity Intervention Component: Findings From Focus Groups With Children and Parents

246 – 256
Leen Liesbeth Haerens, Ilse De Bourdeaudhuij, Gabriele Eiben, Fabio Lauria, Silvia Bel, Katharina Keimer, Eva M.R. Kovacs, Helen Lasn, Susann Regber, Monica Shiakou, Lea Maes


Neighborhood Perceptions and Active Commuting to School Among Adolescent Boys and Girls

257 – 266
Norah M. Nelson, Catherine B. Woods


Current Cycling, Bicycle Path Use, and Willingness to Cycle More—Findings From a Community Survey of Cycling in Southwest Sydney, Australia

267 – 272
Chris Rissel, Dafna Merom, Adrian Bauman, Jan Garrard, Li Meng Wen, Carolyn New


Parks and Health: Differences in Constraints and Negotiation Strategies for Park-Based Leisure Time Physical Activity by Stage of Change

273 – 284
Sonja A. Wilhelm Stanis, Ingrid Schneider,