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The Intern Speaks . . .

The Intern Speaks . . .

2013, 10, 1077 – 1078
Bridget Winterhalter

Original Research


Adaptation, Test-Retest Reliability, and Construct Validity of the Physical Activity Neighborhood Environment Scale in Nigeria (PANES-N)

2013, 10, 1079 – 1090
Adewale L. Oyeyemi, James F. Sallis, Adetoyeje Y. Oyeyemi, Mariam M. Amin, Ilse De Bourdeaudhuij, Benedicte Deforche


Development and Validation of the Online Self-Reported Walking and Exercise Questionnaire (OSWEQ)

2013, 10, 1091 – 1101
Natalie Jayne Taylor, Scott E. Crouter, Rebecca J. Lawton, Mark T. Conner, Andy Prestwich


Perceived Health Status Is Associated With Hours of Exercise per Week in Older Adults Independent of Physical Health

2013, 10, 1102 – 1108
Joanna Edel McHugh, Brian A. Lawlor


Associations Between Physical Facilities and Organizational Participation and Levels of Physical Activity of Adults in Tainan, Taiwan

2013, 10, 1109 – 1118
Susan C. Hu, Nuan-Ching Huang, Ya-Tin Lin, Shiann-Far Kung, Linda L. Lin


Physical Activity Attitudes, Beliefs and Practices Among Women in a Woodland Cree Community

2013, 10, 1119 – 1127
Brenda G. Bruner, Karen Chad


Exploring the Barriers and Facilitators to Children’s Active Transportation to and From School From the Perspectives of Practitioners

2013, 10, 1128 – 1135
Christina C. Loitz, Nancy Spencer-Cavaliere


Delving Into the Social Ecology of Leisure-Time Physical Activity Among Adolescents From South Eastern Spain

2013, 10, 1136 – 1144
Enrique Garcia Bengoechea, Francisco Ruiz Juan, Paula Louise Bush


Objectively Measured Physical Activity in Children From a Southern Brazilian City: A Population-Based Study

2013, 10, 1145 – 1152
Renata Moraes Bielemann, Andreia Morales Cascaes, Felipe Fossati Reichert, Marlos Domingues, Denise P. Gigante


Sources of Activity-Related Social Support and Adolescents’ Objectively Measured After-School and Weekend Physical Activity: Gender and Age Differences

2013, 10, 1153 – 1158
Charlotte Louise Edwardson, Trish Gorely, Natalie Pearson, Andrew J. Atkin

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