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The Second Active Living Research Conference: Signs of Maturity

S1 – S5
M. Katherine Kraft, James F. Sallis, Anne Vernez Moudon, Leslie S. Linton

Original Research


Physical Activity and Changes in Health Care Costs in Late Middle Age

S6 – S19
Tatiana Andreyeva, Roland Sturm


A Framework for Physical Activity Policy Research

S20 – S29
Thomas L. Schmid, Michael Pratt, Lindsay Witmer


Environmental Justice: Obesity, Physical Activity, and Healthy Eating

S30 – S54
Wendell C. Taylor, Walker S.C. Poston, Lovell Jones, M. Katherine Kraft


The Effectiveness of Urban Design and Land Use and Transport Policies and Practices to Increase Physical Activity: A Systematic Review

2006, 3, S55 – S76
Gregory W. Heath, Ross C. Brownson, Judy Kruger, Rebecca Miles, Kenneth Powell, Leigh T. Ramsey, Task Force on Community Preventive Services


Correlates of Walking for Transportation or Recreation Purposes

S77 – S98
Chanam Lee, Anne Vernez Moudon


Operational Definitions of Walkable Neighborhood: Theoretical and Empirical Insights

S99 – S117
Anne Vernez Moudon, Chanam Lee, Allen D. Cheadle, Cheza Garvin, Donna Johnson, Thomas L. Schmid, Robert D. Weathers, Lin Lin


Community Design and Access to Recreational Facilities as Correlates of Adolescent Physical Activity and Body-Mass Index

S118 – S128
Gregory J. Norman, Sandra K. Nutter, Sherry Ryan, James F. Sallis, Karen J. Calfas, Kevin Patrick


Proximity to School and Physical Activity Among Middle School Girls: The Trial of Activity for Adolescent Girls Study

S129 – S138
Deborah A. Cohen, Scott Ashwood, Molly Scott, Adrian Overton, Kelly R. Evenson, Carolyn C. Voorhees, Ariane L. Rung, Thomas L. McKenzie


Neighborhood Correlates of Urban Trail Use

S139 – S157
Greg Lindsey, Yuling Han, Jeffrey Wilson, Jihui Yang


Development and Reliability and Validity Testing of an Audit Tool for Trail/Path Characteristics: The Path Environment Audit Tool (PEAT)

S158 – S175
Philip J. Troped, Ellen K. Cromley, Maren S. Fragala, Steven J. Melly, Hope H. Hasbrouck, Steven L. Gortmaker, Ross C. Brownson


Development of a Direct Observation Instrument to Measure Environmental Characteristics of Parks for Physical Activity

S176 – S189
Ariane L. Rung, Jeanette Gustat, Bradley J. Tompkins, Janet C. Rice, Jessica Thomson


Measuring Physical Environments of Parks and Playgrounds: EAPRS Instrument Development and Inter-Rater Reliability

S190 – S207
Brian E. Saelens, Lawrence D. Frank, Christopher Auffrey, Robert C. Whitaker, Hillary L. Burdette, Natalie Colabianchi


System for Observing Play and Recreation in Communities (SOPARC): Reliability and Feasibility Measures

S208 – S222
Thomas L. McKenzie, Deborah A. Cohen, Amber Sehgal, Stephanie Williamson, Daniela Golinelli


Identifying and Measuring Urban Design Qualities Related to Walkability

S223 – S240
Reid Ewing, Susan L. Handy, Ross C. Brownson, Otto Clemente, Emily Winston


Standards for Environmental Measurement Using GIS: Toward a Protocol for Protocols

S241 – S257
Ann Forsyth, Kathryn H. Schmitz, Michael Oakes, Jason Zimmerman, Joel Koepp



Active Living Research in Light of the TRB/IOM Report

S258 – S266
Susan Hanson


Making Physical Activity Research Relevant to Policy Makers

S267 – S272
Barbara McCann