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Original Research


Validity and Reliability of a School Travel Survey

S1 – S15
Kelly R. Evenson, Brian Neelon, Sarah C. Ball, Amber Vaughn, Dianne S. Ward


The Effect of Question Order on Reporting Physical Activity and Walking Behavior

S16 – S29
Brent Hutto, Patricia A. Sharpe, Michelle L. Granner, Cheryl L. Addy, Steven Hooker,


Assessment of Sedentary Behavior With the International Physical Activity Questionnaire

S30 – S44
Dori E. Rosenberg, Fiona C. Bull, Alison L. Marshall, James F. Sallis, Adrian Bauman


The New Zealand Physical Activity Questionnaires: Validation by Heart-Rate Monitoring in a Multiethnic Population

S45 – S61
Karen L. Moy, Robert K. Scragg, Grant McLean, Harriette Carr


Test–Retest Reliability of a Preadolescent Environmental Access to Physical Activity Questionnaire

S62 – S72


Physical Activity Behavior of Dog Owners: Development and Reliability of the Dogs and Physical Activity (DAPA) Tool

S73 – S89
Hayley E. Cutt, Billie Giles-Corti, Matthew W. Knuiman, Terri J. Pikora


Differences in School-Day Patterns of Daily Physical Activity in Girls According to Level of Physical Activity

S90 – S97
Jorge Mota, Pedro Silva, Luísa Aires, Maria Paula Santos, José Oliveira, José C. Ribeiro


Use of Accelerometers in a Large Field-Based Study of Children: Protocols, Design Issues, and Effects on Precision

S98 – S111
Calum Mattocks, Andy Ness, Sam Leary, Kate Tilling, Steven N. Blair, Julian Shield, Kevin C. Deere, Joanne Saunders, Joanne Kirkby, George Davey Smith, Jonathan Charles Kingdom Wells, Nicholas Wareham, John Reilly, Chris Riddoch


Estimating Physical Activity From Incomplete Accelerometer Data in Field Studies

S112 – S125
Sofiya Alhassan, John R. Sirard, Tirzah R. Spencer, Ann Varady, Thomas N. Robinson


BMI-Referenced Cut Points for Pedometer-Determined Steps per Day in Adults

S126 – S139
Catrine Tudor-Locke, David R. Bassett, W.J. Rutherford, B.E. Ainsworth, C.B. Chan, Karen A. Croteau, B. Giles-Corti, G. Le Masurier, K. Moreau, J. Mrozek, J.-M. Oppert, A. Raustorp, S.J. Strath, D. Thompson, M.C. Whitt-Glover, B. Wilde, J.R. Wojcik


Pedometer-Determined Physical Activity Levels of Adolescents: Differences by Age, Sex, Time of Week, and Transportation Mode to School

S140 – S152
Maea Hohepa, Grant Schofield, Gregory S. Kolt, Robert Scragg, Nick Garrett,


Pedometer-Determined Physical Activity, BMI, and Waist Girth in 7- to 16-Year-Old Children and Adolescents

S153 – S165
Beth P. Hands, Helen Parker


Validity of 2 Devices for Measuring Steps Taken by Older Adults in Assisted-Living Facilities

2008, 5, S166 – S175
Randall J. Bergman, David R. Bassett, Jr., Diane A. Klein


Experiences of Route and Task-Based Walking in a University Community: Qualitative Perspectives in a Randomized Control Trial

S176 – S182
Nicholas D. Gilson, Jim McKenna, Carlton Cooke


A Descriptive Examination of the Most Frequently Used Activity Settings in 25 Community Parks Using Direct Observation

S183 – S195
Julian A. Reed, Cheryl-Anne Arant, Princess Wells, Katherine Stevens, Sandra Hagen, Holly Harring