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Physical Activity in Children and Adolescents: Assessment and Determinants

Original Research


Examining the Role of Churches in Adolescent Girls’ Physical Activity

227 – 233
Karin A. Pfeiffer, Natalie Colabianchi, Marsha Dowda, Dwayne Porter, James Hibbert, Russell R. Pate


Effortful Persistence and Body Mass as Predictors of Running Achievement in Children and Youth: A Longitudinal Study

234 – 243
Jeffrey Liew, Ping Xiang, Audrea Y. Johnson, Oi-Man Kwok


Early Adolescent Participation in Physical Activity: Correlates With Individual and Family Characteristics

244 – 252
Peter Mulhall, Janet Reis, Shahana Begum


The Relationship Between Psychosocial Correlates and Physical Activity in Underserved Adolescent Boys and Girls in the ACT Trial

253 – 261
Hannah Gray Lawman, Dawn K. Wilson, M. Lee Van Horn, Ken Resnicow, Heather Kitzman-Ulrich


Neighborhood Incivilities, Perceived Neighborhood Safety, and Walking to School Among Urban-Dwelling Children

262 – 271
Lauren M. Rossen, Keshia M. Pollack, Frank C. Curriero, Timothy M. Shields, Mieka J. Smart, C. Debra M. Furr-Holden, Michele Cooley-Strickland


Pedometer Steps-Per-Minute, Moderate Intensity, and Individual Differences in 12- to 14-Year-Old Youth

272 – 278
Susan Vincent Graser, Alan Groves, Keven A. Prusak, Todd R. Pennington


Pedometer-Determined Segmented Physical Activity Patterns of Fourth- and Fifth-Grade Children

279 – 286
Timothy A. Brusseau, Pamela H. Kulinna, Catrine Tudor-Locke, Matthew Ferry, Hans van der Mars, Paul W. Darst


Accelerometry Measured Ethnic Differences in Activity in Rural Adolescents

287 – 295
Robert L. Newton, Jr., Hongmei Han, Melinda Sothern, Corby K. Martin, Larry S. Webber, Donald A. Williamson


A New Approach for the Analysis of Accelerometer Data Measured on Preschool Children

296 – 304
Melody Oliver, Philip J. Schluter, Grant Schofield

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