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Reflections Before Moving Forward

Reflections Before Moving Forward

1 – 2
Harold W. Kohl III, Jennifer M. Hootman

Physical Activity and Public Health: The Challenges Ahead

Physical Activity and Public Health: The Challenges Ahead

3 – 4
Loretta DiPietro

Original Research


Self-Reported and Objectively Measured Physical Activity Among a Cohort of Postpartum Women: The PIN Postpartum Study

5 – 20
Kelly R. Evenson, Amy H. Herring, Fang Wen


Objectively Assessing Treadmill Walking During the Second and Third Pregnancy Trimesters

21 – 28
Jennifer M. DiNallo, Danielle Symons Downs, Guy Le Masurier


Response Conversion for Improving Comparability of International Physical Activity Data

29 – 38
Marijke Hopman-Rock, Elise Dusseldorp, Astrid Chorus, Gert Jacobusse, Alfred Ruetten, Stef van Buuren


Farming Activities and Carrying and Lifting: The Agricultural Health Study

39 – 47
Elizabeth F. Racine, Sarah B. Laditka, Jacek Dmochowski, Michael C.R. Alavanja, Duck-chul Lee, Jane A. Hoppin


Active for a Day: Predictors of Relapse Among Previously Active Mass Event Participants

48 – 52
Aoife Lane, Niamh Murphy, Tien Chey


Patterns of Yoga Practice and Physical Activity Following a Yoga Intervention for Adults With or at Risk for Type 2 Diabetes

53 – 61
Gina Alexander, Kim E. Innes, Cheryl Bourguignon, Viktor E. Bovbjerg, Pamela Kulbok, Ann Gill Taylor


A Comparison of Engagement Strategies for Encouraging Outdoor Walking

62 – 70
Jason Duvall


Pedometer-Determined Step-Count Guidelines for Afterschool Programs

71 – 77
Michael W. Beets, Aaron E. Beighle, Matteo Bottai, Laura J. Rooney, Fallon Tilley

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