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Correlates of Physical Activity at Two Time Points During Pregnancy

2012, 9, 325 – 335
Anne Marie Jukic, Kelly R. Evenson, Amy H. Herring, Allen J. Wilcox, Katherine E. Hartmann, Julie L. Daniels


Measurement Effects of Seasonal and Monthly Variability on Pedometer-Determined Data

2012, 9, 336 – 343
Minsoo Kang, David R. Bassett, Tiago V. Barreira, Catrine Tudor-Locke, Barbara Ainsworth


Effect of Temporal Domain on Self-Reported Walking Behaviors in the California Health Interview Survey

2012, 9, 344 – 351
James J. McClain, David Grant, Gordon Willis, David Berrigan


The Relations Between Driving Behavior, Physical Activity, and Weight Status Among Canadian Adults

2012, 9, 352 – 359
Kenda C. Swanson, Gavin R. McCormack


Type of Activity Pacing Instruction Affects Physical Activity Variability in Adults With Symptomatic Knee or Hip Osteoarthritis

2012, 9, 360 – 366
Susan L. Murphy, Dylan M. Smith, Angela K. Lyden


Physical Activity Profiles and Perceived Environmental Determinants in New Zealand: A National Cross-Sectional Study

2012, 9, 367 – 377
Nick Garrett, Philip J. Schluter, Grant Schofield


Associations Between Self-Rated Health With Cardiorespiratory Fitness and Obesity Status Among Adolescent Girls

2012, 9, 378 – 381
Jorge Mota, Rute Maria Santos, Pedro Silva, Luísa Aires, Clarice Martins, Susana Vale


Physical Activity Levels of Adolescent Girls During Dance Classes

2012, 9, 382 – 388
Jennifer R. O'Neill, Russell R. Pate, Michael W. Beets


Validity and Comparability of a Wrist-Worn Accelerometer in Children

2012, 9, 389 – 393
Orjan Ekblom, Gisela Nyberg, Elin Ekblom-Bak, Ulf Ekelund, Claude Marcus


Physical Activity, Gender, Weight Status, and Wellbeing in 9- to 11-Year-Old Children: A Cross-Sectional Survey

2012, 9, 394 – 401
Gavin Breslin, Diana Gossrau-Breen, Naomi McCay, Gillian Gilmore, Lindsay MacDonald, Donncha Hanna

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