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JPAH Volume 12, Issue 6, June


Corporate-Sponsored Obesity Research: Is Sugar Really Coating the Truth?

Corporate-Sponsored Obesity Research: Is Sugar Really Coating the Truth?

2015, 12, 745 – 746
Loretta DiPietro

A Story Lost in Translation—or a Cautionary Tale?

A Story Lost in Translation—or a Cautionary Tale?

2015, 12, 747 – 748
Esther M.F. van Sluijs, Oliver Francis

Original Research


Liverpool Active City 2005–2010: Increasing Population Physical Activity Levels Through Intersectoral Action

2015, 12, 749 – 755
Jon Dawson, Suvi Huikuri, Francisco Armada


The Use of Text Messaging to Promote Physical Activity in Working Women: A Randomized Controlled Trial

2015, 12, 756 – 763
Nancy M. Gell, Danielle D. Wadsworth


Examining the Relationship Between Physical Activity Intensity and Adiposity in Young Women

2015, 12, 764 – 769
Bruce W. Bailey, Pamela Borup, James D. LeCheminant, Larry A. Tucker, Jacob Bromley


Recreational Exercise Before and During Pregnancy in Relation to Plasma C-Reactive Protein Concentrations in Pregnant Women

2015, 12, 770 – 775
Yan Wang, Lea A. Cupul-Uicab, Walter J. Rogan, Merete Eggesbo, Gregory Travlos, Ralph Wilson, Matthew P. Longnecker


Relationships Among Meeting Physical-Activity Guidelines and Health Risk Behaviors

2015, 12, 776 – 781
Ashley Walker, Jody Langdon, Krystina Johnson


Parenthood and Physical Activity in Young Adults: A Qualitative Study

2015, 12, 782 – 788
Ethan E. Hull, Jeannette M. Garcia, Angela M. Kolen, Robert J. Robertson


The Association Between Exergaming and Physical Activity in Young Adults

2015, 12, 789 – 793
Lisa Kakinami, Erin K. O'Loughlin, Erika N. Dugas, Catherine M. Sabiston, Gilles Paradis, Jennifer O'Loughlin


Influence of Experience Level on Physical Activity During Interactive Video Gaming

2015, 12, 794 – 800
Justin A. Kraft, William D. Russell, Nathan Clark, Jessica Helm, Amanda Jackson


Active Commuting by Bicycle: Results of an Educational Intervention Study

2015, 12, 801 – 807
Ilca M.S. Diniz, Maria de Fátima S. Duarte, Karen G. Peres, Elusa S.A. de Oliveira, Angélia Berndt


Oxygen Cost of Recreational Horse-Riding in Females

2015, 12, 808 – 813
Louisa Beale, Neil S. Maxwell, Oliver R Gibson, Rosemary Twomey, Becky Taylor, Andrew Church


Correlates of Self-Reported Physical Activity at 3 and 12 Months Postpartum

2015, 12, 814 – 822
Catherine J. Vladutiu, Kelly R. Evenson, Anne Marie Jukic, Amy H. Herring


A Comparison of Physical Activity Preferences Among Breast, Prostate, and Colorectal Cancer Survivors in Nova Scotia, Canada

2015, 12, 823 – 833
Cynthia C. Forbes, Chris M. Blanchard, W. Kerry Mummery, Kerry S. Courneya

Prospective Associations Between Physical Activity Level and Body Composition in Adolescence: 1993 Pelotas (Brazil) Birth Cohort

Prospective Associations Between Physical Activity Level and Body Composition in Adolescence: 1993 Pelotas (Brazil) Birth Cohort

2015, 12, 834 – 839
Felipe Fossati Reichert, Jonathan Charles Kingdom Wells, Ulf Ekelund, Ana Maria Batista Menezes, Cesar Gomes Victora, Pedro C. Hallal


The Use of Refundable Tax Credits to Increase Low-Income Children’s After-School Physical Activity Level

2015, 12, 840 – 853
Genevieve Dunton, Vicki J. Ebin, Merav W. Efrat, Rafael Efrat, Christianne J. Lane, Scott Plunkett


Aerobic Fitness Indices of Children Differed Not by Body Weight Status but by Level of Engagement in Physical Activity

2015, 12, 854 – 860
Georges Jabbour, Melanie Henderson, Angelo Tremblay, Marie Eve Mathieu


Activity Patterns of Preschool-Aged Children at Risk for Obesity

2015, 12, 861 – 868
Meghan M. Senso, Stewart G. Trost, A. Lauren Crain, Elisabeth M. Seburg, Julie D. Anderson, Nancy E. Sherwood


Effects of Acute Active Video Games on Endothelial Function Following a High-Fat Meal in Overweight Adolescents

2015, 12, 869 – 874
Soo Hyun Park, Eun Sun Yoon, Yong Hee Lee, Chul-Ho Kim, Kanokwan Bunsawat, Kevin S. Heffernan, Bo Fernhall, Sae Young Jae


Contextual Influences on Weight Status Among Impoverished Adolescents: Neighborhood Amenities for Physical Activity and State Laws for Physical Education Time Requirements

2015, 12, 875 – 878
April Y. Oh, Erin Hennessy, Kate E. McSpadden, Frank M. Perna



Physical and Sedentary Activity Levels Among Preschoolers in Home-Based Childcare: A Systematic Review

2015, 12, 879 – 889
Leigh M. Vanderloo, Olivia J. M. Martyniuk, Patricia Tucker


Effects of Active Video Games on Energy Expenditure in Adults: A Systematic Literature Review

2015, 12, 890 – 899
Nirjhar Dutta, Mark A. Pereira