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JPAH Volume 11, Issue 5, July

Original Research


Supportive Environments for Physical Activity, Community Action, and Policy in 8 European Union Member States: Comparative Analysis and Specificities of Context

2014, 11, 873 – 883
Alfred Ruetten, Annika Frahsa, Luuk Engbers, Narcis Gusi, Jorge Mota, Rimantas Pacenka, Jens Troelsen, Jana Vasickova, Anne Vuillemin


Utilitarian Cycling in Belgium: A Cross-Sectional Study in a Sample of Regular Cyclists

2014, 11, 884 – 894
Bas de Geus, Bart Degraeuwe, Gregory Vandenbulcke, Luc Int Panis, Isabelle Thomas, Joris Aertsens, Yves De Weerdt, Rudi Torfs, Romain Meeusen


Durations and Domains of Daily Aerobic Activity: Evidence From the 2010 Canadian Time-Use Survey

2014, 11, 895 – 902
Hugh Millward, Jamie E. L. Spinney, Darren Scott


Physical Activity, Sedentary Behavior, and Body Mass Index in the Czech Republic: A Nationally Representative Survey

2014, 11, 903 – 907
Josef Mitas, Ding Ding, Karel Fromel, Jacqueline Kerr


Who Uses Exercise as a Coping Strategy for Stress? Results From a National Survey of Canadians

2014, 11, 908 – 916
John Cairney, Matthew YW Kwan, Scott Veldhuizen, Guy E.J. Faulkner


Adolescents' Perception of Environmental Features and its Association With Physical Activity: Results From de Azorean Physical Activity and Health Study II

2014, 11, 917 – 921
Andre Oliveira, Jorge Mota, Carla Moreira, Susana Vale, Sandra Abreu, Pedro Moreira, Rute Marina Santos


Physical Activity Level and Lifestyle-Related Risk Factors From Catalan Physicians

2014, 11, 922 – 929
Alba Pardo, Jim McKenna, Anna Mitjans, Berenguer Camps, Silvia Aranda-Garcia, Juanjo Garcia-Gil, Mariona A. Violan


Considering Sport Participation as a Source for Physical Activity Among Adolescents

2014, 11, 930 – 941
Jennifer Pharr, Nancy L. Lough


Clustering of Risk Factors for Noncommunicable Diseases in Brazilian Adolescents: Prevalence and Correlates

2014, 11, 942 – 949
Felipe Vogt Cureau, Paola Duarte, Daniela Lopes dos Santos, Felipe Fossati Reichert


Multilevel Correlates of Physical Activity for Early, Mid, and Late Adolescent Girls

2014, 11, 950 – 960
Deborah Young, Brit I. Saksvig, Tong Tong Wu, Kathleen Zook, Xia Li, Steven Champaloux, Mira Grieser, Sunmin Lee, Margarita S. Treuth


Expert Approaches to Promote Adolescent Physical Activity in Iran: Development of the Promoting Strategies Using the Nominal Group Technique Meeting

2014, 11, 961 – 965
Azam Baheiraei, Zeinab Hamzehgardeshi, Eesa Mohammadi, Eesa Mohammadi, AbouAli Vedadhir


Should Physical Activity Intervention Efforts Take a Whole Population, High-Risk, or Middle Road Strategy?

2014, 11, 966 – 970
Geeske Peeters, Richard Hockey, Wendy Brown


Day of the Week is Associated With Meeting Physical Activity Recommendations and Engaging in Excessive Sedentary Time in Youth

2014, 11, 971 – 976
Justin B. Moore, Michael W. Beets, Sara F. Morris, Mary Bea Kolbe


The Effect of Proximity on Park and Beach Use and Physical Activity Among Rural Adolescents

2014, 977 – 984
Nicole Joy Edwards, Billie Giles-Corti, Ann Larson, Bridget Beesley


Screen Time Increases Risk of Overweight and Obesity in Active and Inactive 9-Year-Old Irish Children: A Cross Sectional Analysis

2014, 11, 985 – 991
Aoife Lane, Michael Harrison, Niamh Murphy


Effects of Exergaming Based Exercise on Urban Children’s Physical Activity Participation and Body Composition

2014, 11, 992 – 998
Zan Gao, Ping Xiang


Automatic and Motivational Predictors of Children’s Physical Activity: Integrating Habit, the Environment, and the Theory of Planned Behavior

2014, 11, 999 – 1005
Erica Thomas, Dominic Upton


Relations Between Sedentary Behavior and FITNESSGRAM Healthy Fitness Zone Achievement and Physical Activity

2014, 11, 1006 – 1011
Jacob S. Tucker, Scott Martin, Allen W. Jackson, James R. Morrow, Jr., Christy A. Greenleaf, Trent A. Petrie


Exercise Throughout Pregnancy Does not Cause Preterm Delivery: A Randomized, Controlled Trial

2014, 11, 1012 – 1017
Ruben Barakat, Mireia Pelaez, Rocio Montejo, Ignacio Refoyo, Javier Coteron


Identifying Similar and Different Factors Effecting Long-Term Cardiac Exercise Rehabilitation Behavior Modification Between New Zealand and the United Kingdom

2014, 11, 1018 – 1024
Stephanie Dunn, Sally Lark, Stephen Fallows


Smoking Impact on Grip Strength and Fatigue Resistance: Implications for Exercise and Hand Therapy Practice

2014, 11, 1025 – 1031
Saud Al-Obaidi, Nowall Al-Sayegh, Mohammed Nadar


Epidemiology of Injury Among Handlers and Dogs Competing in the Sport of Agility

2014, 11, 1032 – 1040
Zachary Y. Kerr, Sarah Fields, R. Dawn Comstock


Designing Active Communities: A Coordinated Action Framework for Planners and Public Health Professionals

2014, 11, 1041 – 1051
Kim Bergeron, Lucie Levesque


Investigating Motivational Regulations and Physical Activity Over 25 Weeks

2014, 11, 1052 – 1056
Shane N. Sweet, Michelle S Fortier, Chris M. Blanchard


Does Daylight Savings Time Encourage Physical Activity?

2014, 11, 1057 – 1060
Cathleen D. Zick