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JPAH Volume 11, Issue 8, November

Original Research


The Role of Landscape Spatial Patterns on Obesity in Hispanic Children Residing in Inner-City Neighborhoods

2014, 11, 1449 – 1457
Jun-Hyun Kim, Chanam Lee, Norma E. Olvera, Christopher D. Ellis


Commuting to School and to Work Among High School Students in Santa Catarina State, Brazil: A Comparative Analysis Between 2001 and 2011

2014, 11, 1458 – 1467
Kelly Samara Silva, Adair da Silva Lopes, Carla Meneses Hardman, Luciana Gatto Azevedo Cabral, Shana Ginar da Silva, Markus Vinicius Nahas


Open Streets Initiatives in the United States: Closed to Traffic, Open to Physical Activity

2014, 11, 1468 – 1474
Jill A. Kuhlberg, J. Aaron Hipp, Amy A. Eyler, Genevieve Chang


Pedometer Assessed Physical Activity in Urban Pubertal Children: First Report From India

2014, 11, 1475 – 1481
Aashish Contractor, Aparna Bhanushali, Jyotsna Changrani, Siddhartha Angadi, Bibhu R. Das


Associations of Leisure Time, Commuting, and Occupational Physical Activity With Physical Fitness and Cardiovascular Risk Factors in Young Men

2014, 11, 1482 – 1491
Jani P. Vaara, Heikki Kyrolainen, Mikael Fogelholm, Matti Santtila, Arja Hakkinen, Keijo Hakkinen, Tommi Vasankari


Effects Of Need-Supportive Physical Activity Counseling on Well-Being: A 2-Year Follow-Up Among Sedentary Older Adults

2014, 11, 1492 – 1502
Ann-Sophie Van Hoecke, Christophe Delecluse, An Bogaerts, Filip Boen


Physical Activity: Does Environment Make a Difference for Tension, Stress, Emotional Outlook, and Perceptions of Health Status?

2014, 11, 1503 – 1511
Robin C. Puett, Jane Teas, Vanesa Espana-Romero, Enrique Garcia Artero, Duck-chul Lee, Meghan Baruth, Xuemei Sui, Jessica Montresor-Lopez, Steven N. Blair


Does Bus Rapid Transit Promote Walking? An Examination of New York City’s Select Bus Service

2014, 11, 1512 – 1516
Kristen Day, Lawrence Loh, Ryan Richard Ruff, Randi Rosenblum, Sean Fischer, Karen K. Lee

The Environment Can Explain Differences in Adolescents’ Daily Physical Activity Levels Living in a Deprived Urban Area: Cross- Sectional Study Using Accelerometry, GPS, and Focus Groups

The Environment Can Explain Differences in Adolescents’ Daily Physical Activity Levels Living in a Deprived Urban Area: Cross- Sectional Study Using Accelerometry, GPS, and Focus Groups

2014, 11, 1517 – 1524
Helen J. Moore, Catherine A. Nixon, Amerlia A. Lake, Wayne Douthwaite, Claire L. O’Malley, Claire L. Pedley, Carolyn D. Summerbell, Ashley C. Routen


Ten-Year Trends in Total Physical Activity Practice in Brazilian Adults: 2002-2012

2014, 11, 1525 – 1530
Pedro C. Hallal, Kelly Cordeira, Alan G. Knuth, Gregore Iven Mielke, Cesar G. Victora


Physical Activity Promotion in Primary Health Care in Brazil: A Counseling Model Applied to Community Health Workers

2014, 1531 – 1539
Alex A. Florindo, Evelyn Fabiana Costa, Thiago Herick Sa, Tayna Ishii dos Santos, Marilia Velardi, Douglas Roque Andrade


Dietary Habits and Weight Maintenance Success in High Versus Low Exercisers in the National Weight Control Registry

2014, 11, 1540 – 1548
Victoria Catenacci, Lorraine Odgen, Suzanne Phelan, J. Graham Thomas, James Hill, Rena R. Wing, Holly Wyatt


Body Mass Index and its Correlates in 1,212 Ultramarathon Runners: Baseline Findings From the ULTRA Study

2014, 11, 1549 – 1555
Martin D. Hoffman, Linjun Chen, Eswar Krishnan


Vancouver and the 2010 Olympic Games: Physical Activity for All?

2014, 11, 1556 – 1564
Inge Derom, Donna Lee


Impact of Social-Ecologic Intervention on Physical Activity Knowledge and Behaviors of Rural Students

2014, 11, 1565 – 1572
Cevdet Cengiz, Mustafa Levent Ince


Self-Efficacy, Action Control, and Social Support Explain Physical Activity Changes Among Costa Rican Older Adults

2014, 11, 1573 – 1578
Benjamin Reyes Fernandez, Esteban Montenegro Montenegro, Nina Knoll, Ralf Schwarzer


Self-Efficacy, Physical Activity, and Sedentary Behavior in Adolescent Girls: Testing Mediating Effects of the Perceived School and Home Environment

2014, 11, 1579 – 1586
Ronald C. Plotnikoff, Klaus Gebel, David R. Lubans


Health Characteristics and Sedentary Behavior Impact on Prostate-Specific Antigen Levels in a National U.S. Sample

2014, 11, 1587 – 1592
Paul D. Loprinzi, Manish Kohli


Body Mass Index is Associated With Appropriateness of Weight Gain but not Leisure-Time Physical Activity During Pregnancy

2014, 11, 1593 – 1599
Rebecca Ann Schlaff, Claudia Holzman, Lanay M. Mudd, Karin A. Pfeiffer, James M. Pivarnik


Scheduled Physical Activity is Associated With Better Academic Performance in Chilean School-Age Children

2014, 11, 1600 – 1606
Raquel Burrows, Paulina Correa-Burrows, Yasna Orellana, Atilio Almagia, Pablo Lizana, Daniza Ivanovic


Changes in Physical Activity and Sedentary Behavior During the Transition From Elementary to Secondary School

2014, 11, 1607 – 1613
Cindy Rutten, Filip Boen, Jan Seghers


Physical Activity and Aerobic Fitness are Positively Associated With Heart Rate Variability in Obese Adults

2014, 11, 1614 – 1621
Kaisu Marjut Kaikkonen, Raija irmeli Korpelainen, Mikko P. Tulppo, Hannu Sakari Kaikkonen, Marja Liisa Vanhala, Mika Antero Kallio, Sirkka M. Keinanen-Kiukaanniemi, Juha Tapani Korpelainen  


Sedentary Behaviors, Leisure-Time Physical Inactivity, and Chronic Diseases in Brazilian Workers: A Cross Sectional Study

2014, 11, 1622 – 1634
Leandro Martin Totaro Garcia, Kelly Samara da Silva, Giovani F. Del Duca, Filipe Ferreira da Costa, Markus V. Nahas


An Evaluation of a College Exercise Leader Program: Using Exercise Science Students as Advocates for Behavior Modification

2014, 11, 1635 – 1639
Shelley Nicole Armstrong, Daniel R. Henderson, Brian M. Williams, Michelle M. Burcin


Independent Mobility and its Relationship With Moderate-to-Vigorous Physical Activity in Middle-School Portuguese Boys and Girls

2014, 11, 1640 – 1643
Elisa A. Marques, Andreia Isabel Pizarro, Jorge Mota, Maria Paula Santos