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JPAH Volume 13, Issue 3, March

Original Research


The Seated Inactivity Trial (SIT): Physical Activity and Dietary Outcomes Associated With 8 Weeks of Imposed Sedentary Time

2016, 13, 249 – 256
Brooke J. Cull, Mark D. Haub, Richard R. Rosenkranz, Thomas Lawler, Sara K. Rosenkranz


Physical Activity and Lung Cancer: A Case-Control Study in Brazil

2016, 13, 257 – 261
Maria Laura Resem Brizio, Pedro C. Hallal, I-Min Lee, Marlos Rodrigues Domingues


A Novel Inexpensive Use of Smartphone Technology for Ecological Momentary Assessment in Middle-Aged Women

2016, 13, 262 – 268
Diane K. Ehlers, Jennifer Huberty, Matthew Buman, Steven Hooker, Michael Todd, Gert-Jan de Vreede


Cross-sectional and Longitudinal Associations Between Parents’ and Preschoolers’ Physical Activity and Television Viewing: The HAPPY Study

2016, 13, 269 – 274
Gavin Abbott, Jill Hnatiuk, Anna Timperio, Jo Salmon, Keren Best, Kylie D. Hesketh


The Impact of Playworks on Students’ Physical Activity by Race/Ethnicity: Findings from a Randomized Controlled Trial

2016, 13, 275 – 280
Susanne James-Burdumy, Nicholas Beyler, Kelley Borradaile, Martha Bleeker, Alyssa Maccarone, Jane Fortson


Evidence Map of Yoga for Depression, Anxiety, and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

2016, 13, 281 – 288
Wei Duan-Porter, Remy R. Coeytaux, Jennifer R. McDuffie, Adam P. Goode, Poonam Sharma, Hillary Mennella, Avishek Nagi, John W. Williams, Jr.


Safe, Affordable, Convenient: Environmental Features of Malls and Other Public Spaces Used by Older Adults for Walking

2016, 13, 289 – 295
Diane K. King, Peg Allen, Dina L. Jones, David X. Marquez, David R. Brown, Dori Rosenberg, Sarah Janicek, Laila Allen, Basia Belza


Physical Activity Energy Expenditure and Sarcopenia in Black South African Urban Women

2016, 13, 296 – 302
Herculina S. Kruger, Lize Havemann-Nel, Chrisna Ravyse, Sarah J. Moss, Michael Tieland


Associations of Sedentary Time and Breaks in Sedentary Time With Disability in Instrumental Activities of Daily Living in Community-Dwelling Older Adults

2016, 13, 303 – 309
Tao Chen, Kenji Narazaki, Yuka Haeuchi, Sanmei Chen, Takanori Honda, Shuzo Kumagai


The Role of Stress in Understanding Differences in Sedentary Behavior in Hispanic/Latino Adults: Results From the Hispanic Community Health Study/Study of Latinos Sociocultural Ancillary Study

2016, 13, 310 – 317
Elizabeth Vásquez, Garrett Strizich, Linda Gallo, Simon J. Marshall, Gina C. Merchant, Rosenda Murillo, Frank J. Penedo, Christian Salazar, Daniela Sotres-Alvarez, Benjamin A. Shaw, Carmen R. Isasi


Children’s Out-of-School Independently Mobile Trips, Active Travel, and Physical Activity: A Cross-Sectional Examination from the Kids in the City Study

2016, 13, 318 – 324
Melody Oliver, Karl Parker, Karen Witten, Suzanne Mavoa, Hannah M. Badland, Phil Donovan, Moushumi Chaudhury, Robin Kearns


A Multisite Study of Environmental Correlates of Active Commuting to School in Mexican Children

2016, 13, 325 – 332
Alejandra Jáuregui, Erica Soltero, René Santos-Luna, Lucia Hernández-Barrera, Simon Barquera, Edtna Jáuregui, Lucie Levesque, Juan López-Taylor, Luis Ortiz-Hernández, Rebecca Lee


Associations Between Parental Perceptions of the Neighborhood Environment and Childhood Physical Activity: Results from ISCOLE-Kenya

2016, 13, 333 – 343
Stella K. Muthuri, Lucy-Joy M. Wachira, Vincent O. Onywera, Mark S. Tremblay


Physical Activity and Variation in Momentary Behavioral Cognitions: An Ecological Momentary Assessment Study

2016, 13, 344 – 351
Trevor A. Pickering, Jimi Huh, Stephen Intille, Yue Liao, Mary Ann Pentz, Genevieve F. Dunton


Group Physical Activity Intervention for Childhood Cancer Survivors: A Pilot Study

2016, 13, 352 – 359
Kathy Ruble, Susan Scarvalone, Lisa Gallicchio, Catherine Davis, Diane Wells