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JPAH Volume 12, Issue 3, March


Physical Activity Report Cards: Active Healthy Kids Global Alliance and the Lancet Physical Activity Observatory

Physical Activity Report Cards: Active Healthy Kids Global Alliance and the Lancet Physical Activity Observatory

2015, 12, 297 – 298
Mark S. Tremblay, Silvia A. Gonzalez, Peter T. Katzmarzyk, Vincent O. Onywera, John J. Reilly, Grant R. Tomkinson

Original Research


Effect of Physical Inactivity on Major Noncommunicable Diseases and Life Expectancy in Brazil

2015, 12, 299 – 306
Leandro Fornias Machado de Rezende, Fabiana Maluf Rabacow, Juliana Yukari Kodaira Viscondi, Olinda do Carmo Luiz, Victor Rodrigues Matsudo, I-Min Lee


Intensity-Specific Leisure-Time Physical Activity and The Built Environment Among Brazilian Adults: A Best-Fit Model

2015, 12, 307 – 318
Deborah Salvo, Rodrigo S. Reis, Adriano A.F. Hino, Pedro C. Hallal, Michael Pratt


Three-Year Follow-Up of an Early Childhood Intervention: What About Physical Activity and Weight Status?

2015, 12, 319 – 321
Lisa M. Barnett, Avigdor Zask, Lauren Rose, Denise Hughes, Jillian Adams


Exercise and Food Compensation: Exploring Diet-Related Beliefs and Behaviors of Regular Exercisers

2015, 12, 322 – 327
Simone Dohle, Brian Wansink, Lorena Zehnder


The Association Between Exercise Behavior Regulation and Exergaming in Adolescents

2015, 12, 328 – 334
Erin K. O'Loughlin, Catherine M. Sabiston, Erika N. Dugas, Jennifer O'Loughlin


Understanding Patterns of Young Children’s Physical Activity After School—It’s all About Context: A Cross-Sectional Study

2015, 12, 335 – 339
Lina Engelen, Anita C. Bundy, Jamie Lau, Geraldine Naughton, Shirley Wyver, Adrian Bauman, Louise Baur


Factors Affecting Physical Activity in Ecuadorian Adolescents: A Focus Group Study

2015, 12, 340 – 348
Kathleen Van Royen, Roosmarijn Verstraeten, Susana Andrade, Angélica Ochoa-Avilés, Silvana Donoso, Lea Maes, Patrick Kolsteren


A Comparison of Children’s Physical Activity Levels in Physical Education, Recess, and Exergaming

2015, 12, 349 – 354
Zan Gao, Senlin Chen, David F. Stodden


The Cumulative Impact of Physical Activity, Sleep Duration, and Television Time on Adolescent Obesity: 2011 Youth Risk Behavior Survey

2015, 12, 355 – 360
Kelly R. Laurson, Joey A. Lee, Joey C. Eisenmann


Parental Practices Encouraging and Discouraging Physical Activity in Hong Kong Chinese Preschoolers

2015, 12, 361 – 369
Yi-nam Suen, Ester Cerin, Sin-lung Wu


Step-Rate Recommendations for Moderate-Intensity Walking in Overweight/Obese and Healthy Weight Children

2015, 12, 370 – 375
Charles F. Morgan, Allison R. Tsuchida, Michael W. Beets, Ronald K. Hetzler, Christopher D. Stickley


Reproducibility of the Veterans Physical Activity Questionnaire in an Elderly Population

2015, 12, 376 – 381
Heather Hayes Betz, Jonathan Myers, Alyssa Jaffe, Kimberly Smith,


Interinstrument Reliability of the ActiGraph GT3X+ Ambulatory Activity Monitor During Free-Living Conditions in Adults

2015, 12, 382 – 387
Haydn Jarrett, Liam Fitzgerald, Ash C. Routen


“How Hard Could it Be?” A Descriptive Analysis of Errors Made on a Validated Lifetime Physical Activity Questionnaire

2015, 12, 388 – 394
Natalie Anderton, Megan E. Newhouse, Barbara E. Ainsworth, Ingrid E. Nygaard, Marlene J. Egger, Janet M. Shaw


Advancing Health-Related Cluster Analysis Methodology: Quantification of Pairwise Activity Cluster Similarities

2015, 12, 395 – 401
Katia Ferrar, Carol Maher, John Petkov, Tim Olds


Playground Safety is Associated With Playground, Park, and Neighborhood Characteristics

2015, 12, 402 – 408
Richard Suminski, Terry Presley, Jason A. Wasserman, Carlene A. Mayfield, Elizabeth McClain, Mariah Johnson


Which School- and Home-Based Factors in Elementary School–Age Children Predict Physical Activity and Sedentary Behavior in Secondary School–Age Children? A Prospective Cohort Study

2015, 12, 409 – 417
Cindy Rutten, Filip Boen, Jan Seghers


Active Transportation to and on Campus is Associated With Objectively Measured Fitness Outcomes Among College Students

2015, 12, 418 – 423
Melissa Bopp, Christopher Bopp, Megan Schuchert


The Fun Integration Theory: Toward Sustaining Children and Adolescents Sport Participation

2015, 12, 424 – 433
Amanda J. Visek, Sara M. Achrati, Heather M. Mannix, Karen McDonnell, Brandonn S. Harris, Loretta DiPietro



Systematic Review of Interventions Aiming to Improve Involvement in Physical Activity Among Adults With Intellectual Disability

2015, 12, 434 – 444
Katie Brooker, Kate van Dooren, Lyn McPherson, Nick Lennox, Robert Ware