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JPAH Volume 12, Issue 2, February

Original Research

Validation of the Fitbit Wireless Activity Tracker for Prediction of Energy Expenditure

Validation of the Fitbit Wireless Activity Tracker for Prediction of Energy Expenditure

2015, 12, 149 – 154
Jeffer Eidi Sasaki, Amanda Hickey, Marianna Mavilia, Jacquelynne Tedesco, Dinesh John, Sarah Kozey-Keadle, Patty S. Freedson


Tracking the Commute Home From School Utilizing GPS and Heart Rate Monitoring: Establishing the Contribution to Free-Living Physical Activity

2015, 12, 155 – 162
Peter Collins, Yahya Al-Nakeeb, Mark Lyons


Energy Expenditure in Individuals With Spinal Cord Injury Quantified by Doubly Labeled Water and a Multi-Sensor Armband

2015, 12, 163 – 170
Ricardo A. Tanhoffer, Aldre I. P. Tanhoffer, Jacqueline Raymond, Nathan A. Johnson, Andrew P. Hills, Glen M. Davis


The Physical Activity Energy Cost of the Latest Active Video Games in Young Adults

2015, 12, 171 – 177
Cheryl A. Howe, Marcus W. Barr, Brett C. Winner, Jenelynn R. Kimble, Jason B. White


Validity of the SenseWear Armband to Assess Energy Expenditure in Graded Walking

2015, 12, 178 – 183
Gianluca Vernillo, Aldo Savoldelli, Barbara Pellegrini, Federico Schena


Effects of Leisure-Time and Occupational Physical Activity on Total Mortality Risk in NHANES III According to Sex, Ethnicity, Central Obesity, and Age

2015, 12, 184 – 192
Aline Richard, Brian Martin, Miriam Wanner, Monika Eichholzer, Sabine Rohrmann


Childhood Adversities and Socioeconomic Position as Predictors of Leisure-Time Physical Inactivity in Early Adulthood

2015, 12, 193 – 199
Laura Kestila, Tomi Maki-Opas, Anton E Kunst, Katja Borodulin, Ossi Rahkonen, Ritva Prattala


How do Different Occupational Factors Influence Total, Occupational, and Leisure-Time Physical Activity?

2015, 12, 200 – 207
Corneel Vandelanotte, Camille Short, Matthew Rockloff, Lee Di Millia, Kevin Ronan, Brenda Happell, Mitch J. Duncan


The Association Between Time Spent in Vigorous Physical Activity and Dietary Patterns in Adolescents: A Cross-Sectional Study

2015, 12, 208 – 215
Anita Durksen, Shauna Downs, Rebecca Mollard, Laura Forbes, Geoff D.C. Ball, Jon McGavock


Physical Activity Counseling by Primary Care Physicians: Attitudes, Knowledge, Implementation, and Perceived Success

2015, 12, 216 – 223
Katharina Diehl, Manfred Mayer, Frank Mayer, Tatiana Gorig, Christina Bock, Raphael M. Herr, Sven Schneider


Does Age Modify the Cost-Effectiveness of Community-Based Physical Activity Interventions?

2015, 12, 224 – 231
Larissa Roux, Michael Pratt, I-Min Lee, Terry Bazzarre, David Buchner


Correlation Between Glycemic Control and Physical Activity Level in Adolescents and Children With Type 1 Diabetes

2015, 12, 232 – 237
Cristiane Petra Miculis, Wagner De Campos, Margaret Cristina da Silva Boguszewski


Physical Activity–Related and Weather-Related Practices of Child Care Centers From 2 States

2015, 12, 238 – 244
Sarah C. Ball, Matthew W. Gillman, Meghan Mayhew, Rebecca J. Namenek Brouwer, Sara E. Benjamin Neelon


Barriers to Delivering Extracurricular School Sport and Physical Activity in Wales: A Qualitative Study of 5x60 Officers’ Views and Perspectives

2015, 12, 245 – 252
Paul Rainer, Robert Griffiths, Brendan Cropley, Stuart Jarvis


Do Students Know the Physical Activity Recommendations for Health Promotion?

2015, 12, 253 – 256
Adilson Marques, Joao Martins, Hugo Sarmento, Leonardo Rocha, Francisco Carreiro da Costa


Prevalence of Physically Active and Sedentary Adolescents in 10 Eastern Mediterranean Countries and its Relation With Age, Sex, and Body Mass Index

2015, 12, 257 – 265
Lyutha K. Al Subhi, Shekar Bose, Maraim F. Al Ani


High Levels of Physical Activity and Cardiorespiratory Fitness are Associated With Good Self-Rated Health in Adolescents

2015, 12, 266 – 272
Marko T. Kantomaa, Tuija Tammelin, Hanna Ebeling, Emmanuel Stamatakis, Anja Taanila


Vigorous Physical Activity may be Important for the Insulin Sensitivity in Immigrants From the Middle East and Native Swedes

2015, 12, 273 – 281
Daniel Arvidsson, Ulf Lindblad, Jan Sundquist, Kristina Sundquist, Leif Groop, Louise Bennet


Perceived Neighborhood Size: Implications for Physical Activity–Environment Research

2015, 12, 282 – 288
Richard R. Suminski, Katie M. Heinrich, Jason A. Wasserman, Rafia S. Rasu


Impact of Park Renovations on Park Use and Park-Based Physical Activity

2015, 12, 289 – 295
Deborah A. Cohen, Bing Han, Jennifer Isacoff, Bianca Shulaker, Stephanie Williamson, Terry Marsh, Thomas L. McKenzie, Megan Weir, Rajiv Bhatia