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JPAH Volume 11, Issue 4, May


Sport Across Cultures: Applications of the Human Capital Model in Refugee Communities

Sport Across Cultures: Applications of the Human Capital Model in Refugee Communities

2014, 11, 681 – 682
Kate Murray

Original Research


Declining Physical Activity and the Socio-Cultural Context of the Geography of Industrial Restructuring: A Novel Conceptual Framework

2014, 11, 683 – 692
Esther Rind, Andy Jones


Awareness and Knowledge of the 2008 Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans

2014, 11, 693 – 698
Melissa A. Cunningham, Dianna D. Carroll, Susan A. Carlson, Janet E. Fulton


Developing Interventions for Children’s Exercise (DICE): A Pilot Evaluation of School-Based Exercise Interventions for Primary School Children Aged 7 to 8 Years

2014, 11, 699 – 704
Karen Hind, David Torgerson, Jim McKenna, Rebecca Ashby, Andy Daly-Smith, John Truscott, Heather MacKay, Andrew Jennings


Associations of School Violence With Physical Activity Among U.S. High School Students

2014, 11, 705 – 711
Zewditu Demissie, Richard Lowry, Danice K. Eaton, Marci F. Hertz, Sarah M. Lee


Socioeconomic Status and Objectively Measured Physical Activity in Thai Adolescents

014, 11, 712 – 720
Kurusart Konharn, Maria Paula Santos, José Carlos Ribeiro


Year in School and Physical Activity Stage of Change as Discriminators of Variation in the Physical Activity Correlate Profile of Adolescent Females

2014, 11, 721 – 728
Con Burns, John J. Murphy, Ciaran MacDonncha 


Predictors of Children’s Active Commuting to School: An Observational Evaluation in 5 U.S. Communities

014, 11, 729 – 733
Jason A. Mendoza, David Cowan, Yan Liu


Associations Between Physical Activity Parenting Practices and Adolescent Girls' Self-Perceptions and Physical Activity Intentions

2014, 11, 734 – 740
Simon J. Sebire, Anne Haase, Alan A. Montgomery, Jade McNeill, Russell Jago


Psychosocial Determinants and Perceived Environmental Barriers as Mediators of the Effectiveness of a Web-Based Tailored Intervention Promoting Physical Activity in Adolescents: The HELENA Activ-O-Meter 

2014, 11, 741 – 751
Tina Louisa Cook, Ilse De Bourdeaudhuij, Lea Maes, Leen Haerens, Evangelia Grammatikaki, Kurt Widhalm, Lydia Kwak, Maria Plada, Luis A. Moreno, Yannis Tountas, Antonis Zampelas, Yannis Manios


Cognitive Function During Low-Intensity Walking: A Test of the Treadmill Workstation

2014, 11, 752 – 758
Brandon L. Alderman, Ryan L. Olson, Diana M. Mattina


Validity of the Apple iPhone®/iPod Touch® as an Accelerometer-Based Physical Activity Monitor: A Proof-of-Concept Study 

2014, 11, 759 – 769
Meaghan Nolan, J. Ross Mitchell, Patricia K. Doyle-Baker


Recent Physical Activity in Relation to DNA Damage and Repair Using the Comet Assay

2014, 11, 770 – 776
Stephanie Whisnant Cash, Shirley A.A. Beresford, Thomas L. Vaughan, Patrick J. Heagerty, Leslie Bernstein, Emily White, Marian L. Neuhouser


Physical Inactivity and Associated Factors Among Women From a Municipality in Southern Brazil

2014, 11, 777 – 783
Cristiano Marcellino, Ruth Liane Henn, Maria Teresa Anselmo Olinto, Ana Weigert Bressan, Vera Maria Vieira Paniz, Marcos Pascoal Pattussi


Longitudinal and Cross-Sectional Associations of Physical Activity With Triglyceride and HDLc Levels in Young Male Adults

2014, 11, 784 – 789
Renata Moraes Bielemann, Virgílio Viana Ramires, Denise Petrucci Gigante, Pedro C. Hallal, Bernardo Lessa Horta


Intrapersonal and Social Environment Correlates of Leisure-Time Physical Activity for Cancer Prevention: A Cross-Sectional Study Among Canadian Adults

2014, 11, 790 – 800
Fabiola E. Aparicio-Ting, Christine M. Friedenreich, Karen A. Kopciuk, Ronald C. Plotnikoff, Heather E. Bryant


Associations Between Perceived Health Benefits and Barriers to Strength Training, and Stages of Change for Strength-Training Behavior Among Older Japanese Adults

2014, 11, 801 – 809
Kazuhiro Harada, Ai Shibata, Euna Lee, Koichiro Oka, Yoshio Nakamura


Prevalence of Regular Exercise Among Iranian Adults: A Study in Northern Iran

2014, 11, 810 – 813
Mohsen Maddah, Zahra Akbarian, Solmaz Shoyooie, Maryam Rostamnejad, Mehdi Soleimani


Evidence for Adapted Physical Activity as an Effective Intervention for Upper Limb Mobility and Quality of Life in Breast Cancer Survivors

2014, 11, 814 – 822
Daniela Mirandola, Guido Miccinesi , Maria Grazia Muraca, Eleonora Sgambati, Marco Monaci, Mirca Marini


The Association of Adolescent Fatness and Fitness With Risk Factors for Adult Metabolic Syndrome: A 22-Year Follow-up Study

2014, 11, 823 – 830
Yoonsuk Jekal, YoonMyung Kim , Ji Eun Yun , Eun Sung Kim , Masayo Naruse , Ji Hye Park , Dong Hoon Lee , Seung-Youn Hong, Sun Ha Jee , Justin Y. Jeon 


Physical Activity, Measures of Obesity, and Cardiometabolic Risk: The Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis (MESA)

2014, 11, 831 – 837
Paul A. McAuley, Haiying Chen, Duck-chul Lee, Enrique Garcia Artero, David A. Bluemke, Gregory L. Burke


Partnering to Increase Access to Community Exercise Programs for People With Stroke, Acquired Brain Injury, and Multiple Sclerosis

2014, 11, 838 – 845
Nancy Margaret Salbach, Jo-Anne Howe, Karen Brunton, Kathryn Salisbury, Lorene Bodiam


Agreement Between the IPAQ and Accelerometer for Detecting Intervention-Related Changes in Physical Activity in a Sample of Latino Women

2014, 11, 846 – 852
Virginie Nicaise, Noe C. Crespo, Simon Marshall


Validity and Reliability of the Self-Reported Physical Fitness (SRFit) Survey

2014, 11, 853 – 859
NiCole R. Keith, Daniel O. Clark, Timothy E. Stump, Douglas K. Miller, Christopher M. Callahan


Direct Observation is a Valid Criterion for Estimating Physical Activity and Sedentary Behavior

2014, 11, 860 – 863
Kate Lyden, Natalia Petruski, Stephanie Mix, John Staudenmayer, Patty Freedson



The Role of Exergaming in Improving Physical Activity: A Review

2014, 11, 864 – 870
Jennifer Sween, Sherrie Flynt Wallington, Vanessa Sheppard, Teletia Taylor, Adana A. Llanos, Lucile Lauren Adams-Campbell



Erratum: Callahan et al (2014)