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The following In Press articles will be published in a forthcoming issue of the Journal of Physical Activity & Health. Each article appears here in its accepted, peer-reviewed form, as submitted by the authors. These articles have not been copy edited, proofed, or formatted by the publisher.


Each article on this page lists only the lead author. To see the full author list for the article, please read the article abstract.

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Structural Equation Modeling Supports a Moderating Role of Personality in the Relationship Between Physical Activity and Mental Health in College Women

Kathryn E. Wilson


Planning Mediates Between Self-efficacy and Physical Activity Among Motivated Young Adults

Guangyu Zhou


Individual, Social, and Neighborhood Associations With Sitting Time Among Veterans

Rachel A. Millstein


Physical Activity Predicts Higher Physical Function in Older Adults: The Osteoarthritis Initiative

John A. Batsis


Sitting Time, Physical Activity and Cardiorespiratory Fitness: CCLS Cohort

Carolyn E. Barlow


Physical Activity Enjoyment, Perceived Barriers, and Beliefs Among Adolescents With and Without Intellectual Disabilities

Heidi I. Stanish


Measurement Considerations of Peak Stepping Cadence Measures Using NHANES 2005-2006

Minsoo Kang


Impact of Policies on Physical Activity and Screen Time Practices in 50 Child-Care Centers in North Carolina

Temitope Erinosho


Leisure-time Physical Activity Does Not Attenuate the Association Between Occupational Sedentary Behaviour and Obesity: Results From the Tomorrow Project in Alberta, Canada

Joshua A. Nicholas


Using Shared Treadmill Workstations to Promote Less Time Spent in Daily Low Intensity Physical Activities: A Pilot Study

Danielle R. Bouchard


Gender Differences in C - Reactive Protein and Muscle Strengthening Activity

Michael R. Richardson


Association Between Television Viewing and Physical Activity in 10-year Old Brazilian Children

Gerson Luis Ferrari


Inverse Relationship Between Physical Activity, Adiposity and Arterial Stiffness in Healthy Middle-aged Subjects

Oscar Mac Ananey


Intensity- and Domain-specific Levels of Physical Activity and Sedentary Behavior in 10-14 Year-old Children

Stijn De Baere


Racial Differences in Weight Loss Among Adults in a Behavioral Weight Loss Intervention: Role of Diet and Physical Activity

Kelliann K. Davis


Effect of a Comprehensive School Physical Activity Program on School Day Step Counts in Children

Ryan D. Burns


Periodic Change in Sufficient Physical Activity: 2-year Study of a Multi-ethnic Cohort

Rod K. Dishman


Sleep Disorders, Physical Activity, and Sedentary Behavior Among U.S. Adults: National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey

James L. Farnsworth


Objective vs. Self-report Sedentary Behavior in Overweight and Obese Young Adults

Bethany Barone Gibbs


Need for Increased Promotion of Physical Activity Among Adults at Risk for Alzheimer’s Disease: Brief Report

Paul D. Loprinzi


Accumulation of Domain-specific Physical Inactivity and Presence of Hypertension in Brazilian Public Healthcare System

Bruna Camilo Turi


Validity of Physical Activity Monitors for Estimating Energy Expenditure During Wheelchair Propulsion

Scott A. Conger


Transition to Adulthood: Relationships Among Psychosocial Correlates, Stages of Change for Physical Activity and Health Outcomes in a Cross-Cultural Sample

Yanping Duan


Increase in Daily Steps After an Exercise Specialist Led Lifestyle Intervention for Adults With Type 2 Diabetes In Primary Care: A Controlled Implementation Trial

Steven T. Johnson


Parent-Adolescent Patterns of Physical Activity, Sedentary Behaviors and Sleep Among a Sample of Overweight and Obese Adolescents

Andrew W. Tu


Long-term Correlates of Objectively Measured Physical Activity and Sedentary Time in Norwegian Men and Women

Ane Solbraa


Sitting Time and Quality of Life in Older Adults: A Population Based Study

Joilson Meneguci


It’s A-bout Time: Detailed Patterns of physical activity in Obese Adolescents Participating in a Lifestyle Intervention

Erin K. Howie


Potential of a Sports Club Based Exercise Program for Improving Physical Activity in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

Christian Lackinger


The Efficacy of a Walking Intervention Using Social Media to Increase Physical Activity: A Randomized Trial

Aubrianne E. Rote


Objective Versus Self-Reported Physical Activity in Overweight and Obese Young Adults

John M. Jakicic


Moderators of Maintained Increase in Aerobic Exercise Among Aging Men and Women in a 4-year Randomized Controlled Trial: The DR's EXTRA Study

Leena Hakola


Tracking of Pedometer-Determined Physical Activity in Healthy Elderly Japanese People

Naofumi Yamamoto


Feasibility and Preliminary Efficacy of the M.A.D.E (Mothers And Daughters Exercising) 4 Life Program: A Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial

Alyce T. Barnes


Playing Together: The Physical Activity Beliefs and Behaviors of Urban Aboriginal Youth

Serene Kerpan


Validity of Pedometers to Measure Step Counts During Dance

Tiago V. Barreira


Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Multi-component Interventions Through Schools to Increase Physical Activity

Laura B. Russ


Neighborhood Social Cohesion and Depressive Symptoms Among Latinos: Does Use of Community Resources for Physical Activity Matter?

Lilian G. Perez


Changes in Physical Activity Domains During the Transition Out of High School: Psychosocial and Environmental Correlates

Javier Molina-Garcia


The Effect of the Social and Physical Environment on Children’s Independent Mobility to Neighborhood Destinations

Hayley E. Christian


Parental Influences on Preschoolers’ TV Viewing Time: Mediation Analyses on Australian and Belgian Data

Ellen De Decker


Exploring New Relationships Between Physical Activity Volume and Intensity and Cardiometabolic Risk in U.S. Adolescents

Daniel P. Hatfield


Paternal Lifestyle-Related Parenting Practices Mediate Changes in Children’s Dietary and Physical Activity Behaviors: Findings From the Healthy Dads, Healthy Kids Community Randomized Controlled Trial

Adam B. Lloyd


Validation of an Activity Monitor in Older Inpatients Undergoing Slow Stream Rehabilitation

Melissa Raymond


Clustering of Physical Inactivity in Leisure, Work, Commuting, and Household Domains: Data From 47,477 Industrial Workers in Brazil

Giovani F. Del Duca


Toward a Better Understanding of the Link Between Parent and Child Physical Activity Levels: The Moderating Role of Parental Encouragement

Eleanor B. Tate


Physical Activity Patterns Among Minnesota Somali Adolescents

Chelsey M. Thul


The Role of Distance in Examining the Association Between Active Commuting to School and Students' Weight Status

Robin DeWeese


Validation of the SenseWear™ Armband as a Measure of Sedentary Behavior and Light Activity

Joel D. Reece


If Exercise is Medicine®, Where is Exercise in Medicine? Review of U.S. Medical Education Curricula for Physical Activity-Related Content

Bradley J. Cardinal


Outdoor Temperature, Precipitation, and Wind Speed Affect Physical Activity Levels in Children: A Longitudinal Cohort Study

Nicholas M. Edwards


Participation in a Social-Support Physical Activity Intervention Modestly Improves Lipoprotein Cholesterol Distribution Among Postpartum Sedentary Hispanic Women

Sonia Vega-Lopez


Longitudinal Association Between Physical Activity and Body Fat During Adolescence: A Systematic Review

Virgílio Viana Ramires


Effect of Physical Activity, Nutritional Education, and Consumption of EVOO on Lipid, Physiological, and Anthropometric Profiles in a Pediatric Population

Jose Joaquin Muros


Low-cost and Scalable Classroom Equipment to Promote Physical Activity and Improve Education

Shelly K. McCrady-Spitzer


The Power of Believing: Salient Belief Predictors of Exercise Behavior in Normal Weight, Overweight, and Obese Pregnant Women

Danielle Symons Downs


Aerobic Fitness and Habitual Physical Activity in Frail and Non-Frail Community-Dwelling Elderly

Alessandra de Carvalho Bastone


Using the Transtheoretical Model to Examine the Effects of Exergaming on Physical Activity Among Children

Zachary C. Pope


Adolescent Physical Activity and Sedentary Behavior: A Pathway in Reducing Overweight and Obesity. The PRALIMAP 2-Year Cluster Randomized Controlled Trial

Abdou Y. Omorou


Accounting for Sitting and Moving: An Analysis of Sedentary Behaviour in Mass Media Campaigns

Emily Knox


Physical Activity and Sedentary Behavior Patterns of Singaporean Adolescents

Jamie Ching Ting


Walk, Bicycle and Transit Trips of Transit Dependent and Choice Riders in the NHTS 2009

Ugo Lachapelle


Adult Physical Activity Counseling by Health Professionals in Brazil: A National Urban Population Survey

Suele Manjournany Silva


Correlates of Physical Activity Among People With Disabilities in South Korea: A Multilevel Modeling Approach

Youngdeok Kim


Physical Activity at 11 Years of Age and Incidence of Mental Health Problems in Adolescence: Prospective Study

Pedro C. Hallal


Trends in Physical Activity and Sedentary Behaviors of U.S. Youth

David R. Bassett


Reporting Physical Activity: Perceptions and Practices of Australian Media Professionals

Ben J. Smith


Postprandial Metabolic Effects of Accelerometer Measured Spontaneous Low Level Activity

Meredith C. Peddie


Epidemiology of Injuries in High School Football:  Does School Size Matter?

Harold King


Activity Behaviors of University Staff in the Workplace: A Pilot Study

Marie-Louise Bird


Cross-Sectional Associations Between Sitting Time and Several Aspects of Mental Health in Belgian Adults

Melinda Asztalos


Recreational Physical Activity Experiences Among Guatemalan Families With Children With Visual Impairments

Luis Columna


The Association Between Cardiorespiratory Fitness and Cardiometabolic Risk in Children is Mediated by Abdominal Adiposity: The HAPPY Study

Daniel P. Bailey


Walking Reduces Postprandial Insulin Secretion in Obese Adolescents Consuming a High-Fructose or High-Glucose Diet

Timothy D. Heden


Step-Count Guidelines for Children and Adolescents: A Systematic Review

Michael Pereira Silva


Evaluation of the Physical Activity and Public Health Course for Researchers

Kelly R. Evenson


Utilizing Behavioral Economics to Understand Adherence to Physical Activity Guidelines Among a Low-Income Urban Community

Kerem Shuval


Walking for Transportation: What do U.S. Adults Think is a Reasonable Distance and Time?

Kathleen B. Watson


Walking Trail Use Among a Sample of Black, White, Hispanic and Asian Adult Walkers

Lorna H. McNeill


We Never See Children in Parks: A Qualitative Examination of the Role of Safety Concerns on Physical Activity among Children

Nicole E. Rader


Wasting Our Time? Allocated Versus Accumulated Physical Activity in Afterschool Programs

Keith Brazendale


Active Commuting to School in Mexican Adolescents: Evidence From the Mexican National Nutrition and Health Survey

Alejandra Jauregui


Association Between Knowledge and Practice in the Field of Physical Activity and Health: A Population-Based Study

Thiago T. Borges


Characteristics of Walking Group Leaders as Compared to Walking Group Members in a Community-Based Study

Sara Wilcox


Daily Sedentary Time and Risk of Cardiovascular Disease: The National FINRISK 2002 Study

Katja Borodulin


Do Perceptions of competence mediate The Relationship Between Fundamental Motor Skill Proficiency and Physical Activity Levels of Children in Kindergarten?

Jeff R. Crane


Effect of Elliptical High Intensity Interval Training on Metabolic Risk Factor in Pre- and Type 2 Diabetes Patients: A Pilot Study

Annie Fex


Moderators of the Relationship Between Physical Activity Enjoyment and Physical Activity in Children

Teun Remmers


Heart Rate and Perceived Exertion in Healthy Weight and Obese Children During a Self-Selected, Physical Activity Program

Connie Tompkins


Neighborhood Deprivation and Physical Activity Facilities – No Support for the Deprivation Amplification Hypothesis

Sven Schneider


Perceived Benefits, Facilitators, Disadvantages and Barriers for Physical Activity Amongst South Asian Adolescents in India and Canada

Divya Rajaraman


Perceived Resources and environmental correlates of Domain-Specific Physical Activity in Rural Midwestern Adults

Matthew Chrisman


Physical Activity Trajectories During Daily Middle School Physical Education

Ryan D. Burns


Pilot Trial of a Social Cognitive Theory-Based Physical Activity Intervention Delivered by Non-Supervised Technology in Persons With Multiple Sclerosis

Yoojin Suh


Self-Reported Physical Activity in Medically Underserved Adults with Type 2 Diabetes in Clinical and Community Settings

John Cooper


The Fun Integration Theory: Towards Sustaining Children and Adolescents Sport Participation

Amanda J. Visek


Reliability of the Pictorial Scale of Perceived Movement Skill Competence in Two Diverse Samples of Young Children

Lisa M. Barnett


Prospective Relationships Between Physical Activity and Optimism in Young and Mid-Aged Women

Toby G. Pavey


Responsiveness to Change of Self-Report and Device-Based Physical Activity Measures in the Living Well With Diabetes Trial

Winnie Y.H. Lee


Rural Neighborhood Walkability: Implications for Assessment

Michelle C. Kegler

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